Useful Resources


If, like me, you can’t draw a circle to save your life, it can be hard to get a bit of visual polish into your projects. Fortunately there are a couple of places that offer tutorials to brush up your skills, or have a selection of icons, graphics and other artwork that you can use.

  •‘s 16×16 icon sets are really well drawn and best of all, they’re free! But if you use them, be a good sport and let the author know.
  • Oddball and oryx created lots of gorgeous 8×8 pixel tilesets for the TIGSource Assemblee two-part competition.
  • – a huge index of Photoshop tutorials from all around the web. The quality varies quite a lot, but if you’re on a learning curve, it’s all good.
  • Tyrian ships and tiles from the classic DOS shoot ‘em up courtesy of Lost Garden.
  • The Free Graphics Store is an Australian site with a good selection of clipart and small-sized images.

Sound and Music

No remake project would be complete without some audio!

  • sfxr is a free retro sound effect generator that can create pretty much anything you need.
  • Infamous has done some cracking remixes of retro tunes in the past – his webpage has all his past and present work.

Pixel Fonts

Useful not just for low-resolution retro games but also for flash designs that need small, readable fonts.

  •‘s free pixel font section has quite a wide choice and will cover most things that you could ever need.
  • Fonts For Flash has well over a dozen freely downloadable pixel fonts under their “freebie” section.

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