Poing! PC - an innovative bat 'n' ball game for all the family!

Download Poing! PC now!
Full package: poingpc-101c-win.zip – for Windows 9x / ME / 2000 / XP (5.0MB)
If you already have the old version 1.0.1b, you can use this patch:
Patch: poingpc-101c-patch.zip (1.6MB)

New! Version 1.0.1c with Community Level Pack!

Released on 1st August 2009, Poing! PC now includes 16 more levels designed by Poing fans around the world. This brings the total up to a stonking 96 boards for you to play through! Also included with this version are some aesthetic fixes to some of the graphics and sound files.

If you are using the patch to update your game, extract the ZIP file into your Poing folder to overwrite any old files.

What is Poing!?

Poing! PC is the award-winning freeware game that puts an innovative twist on the tried and tested style of Breakout. Destroying bricks will not necessarily help since they will keep coming back… instead, the aim is to break a path through each level and smash the back wall until it fades away, allowing you to progress through to the next level in the set.

As an added twist, if you lose the ball after progressing through several levels, you won’t lose a life immediately. The ball will plummet back through the levels you’ve beaten until you either catch it or it goes past the first level of the set. Sounds complicated? It isn’t! Download the game and play it to find out how simple the idea really is.

Fortunately there’s a wide variety of powerups to help you along the way, including the Bat Autopilot, Forcefield and Promote. Poing! PC also keeps track of your games and compiles a whole list of lifetime statistics along with the per-levelset and all-time hiscore tables – and if you get tired of the included levels, you can make your own with the included level editor!

Oh, and just a note… since Firestorm Productions changed into zolyx.co.uk, this is the only official website for the game. Accept no imitations!


Poing! PC - JoltersPoing! PC - \Poing! PC - Anglers

Poing! PC - The main menuPoing! PC - The Help screenPoing! PC - The level editor

Awards and Reviews

Caiman - 88%Caiman Games – 88%

Ytanium 4/5Ytanium – 4 out of 5


  • 96 colourful levels split across 10 levelsets
  • 16 different brick types to hinder your progress
  • 20 weird and wonderful powerups, good and bad
  • Detailed lifetime stats to track your achievements
  • Highscores for each levelset and an overall hall of fame
  • Integrated level editor to create your own levels with
  • Crisp 800 x 600 graphics with scalable detail
  • Funky chip-style music from Alexander “zalza” Bulér


A floppy diskpoingpc-101c-win.zip – Full game package for Windows (5.0MB)
A floppy diskpoingpc-101c-patch.zip – Updates version 1.0.1b to 1.0.1c (1.6MB)

If you are using the patch to update your game, extract the ZIP file into your existing Poing folder to overwrite any old files.

Troubleshooting & Known Bugs

Poing is several years old and is sadly showing its age in some places. If you encounter a “Memory access violation” error when running the game, there a few things to try which may help:

  • Make sure that your graphics card supports at least DirectX 7 and can handle a screen resolution of 800×600 in at least 16-bit colour. Pretty much any PC made within the last five or six years should cope with this, but some older integrated graphics chipsets may struggle.
  • If the game loads but crashes after you select a levelset to play, try reducing the game’s colour depth to 16-bit, even if your system can support higher.
  • If Poing won’t even load up to the main menu, try putting this premade configuration file into your Poing folder and relaunching the game (right-click the link and choose “Save as…”).
  • Unfortunately Poing doesn’t get on very well with Windows Vista. You may be lucky, but don’t be surprised if the game won’t even launch.
  • Poing‘s display timing is quite primitive, and is based on your display refresh rate. If this is greater than 60Hz then the game will run faster than intended, and therefore will be even harder to play than normal!

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