BlitzMax logoI don’t just blog about games – sometimes I even write them too! Using the power of BlitzMax and assisted with numerous cups of teas, I’ve made a couple of funky retro remakes. Why not check them out?

  • Poing! PC – a bat ‘n’ ball game that puts a unique twist on the tried and tested Breakout style. Based on the original Amiga version by Paul van der Valk.
  • Millenipede – frantic arcade shoot ‘em up that’s perfect for coffee breaks and family competition! Inspired by the Atari classic Centipede. Warning: contains mushrooms, evil flying saucers and snails that go way faster than you’d expect…
  • Oil’s Well Redrilled – another remake, this time of Thomas J. Mitchell‘s 8-bit classic. It’s a bit like Pacman only completely different. Currently in stasis but may be revived at some point in the nearish future.


  • Dalyn’s Quill – during a spell of developing an ill-fated RPG project, I created a map editor that was subsequently adapted to work with David Allen‘s Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol. The old editor code has since been dusted off and retrofitted, resulting in a streamlined MDATA11 dungeon editor. The intuitive interface should hopefully make carving out your dungeon a breeze!

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  1. Posted by DPJ93 - April 19th, 2009 4:38 pm

    What? No comments here? :???:

    Well, I found an early alpha of Oil’s Well Redrilled at your old Firestorm site. I must say it was pretty nice stuff :P I’ve got no idea what your “big” project will be.. :lol:

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