Dalyn's Quill - life, but not as we know it

Dalyn’s Quill is coming together slowly. As you can see, the dungeon canvas now draws as it should do and can be edited with the default pens (the pen selection toolbar doesn’t work yet). It breaks embarassingly often, and annoyingly strange and weird stuff happens if you push more than one mouse button at once. Still, a lot of code has been tidied up along the path to this milestone, and things can only improve… I hope… 8-O

Oh yes, and the MDATA11.MDR import code works just fine too:

Dalyn's Quill - level 5 of the depths

Also, after discovering how to adjust certain things, Windows Vista isn’t entirely awful like I thought it would be. Months after originally buying it I finally took the plunge during some spare time over the holidays and installed it for about the third time. Fingers crossed, it’s going much better than the previous attempts at forcing myself to embrace the future.

4 comments on 'Who was where?'

  1. Posted by DPJ93 - January 2nd, 2009 10:43 pm

    Heh. When I look at the second picture it looks like a Kulkid II level editor or something :P

    Good luck with the project(s)! :)

    (It was thanks to I found this site xD)

  2. Posted by Maurice - January 3rd, 2009 3:21 pm

    Is this a custom level? The “Plus” in top-left reminds me of second level of original Mordor, that’s why I ask :P. It makes me want to play it again.
    I wonder when will the new Mordor come. Development of it goes awfully slow, I don’t remember getting any December newsletter.

  3. Posted by Chris - January 3rd, 2009 3:45 pm

    DPJ93, thanks for dropping by and hope you enjoy your stay :D

    @Maurice – the bottom pic is of level 5 of the original dungeon, no customisations in sight :)

    As for Mordor XP, usually the newsletters are bi-monthly. The next newsletter is due any day now I hope (was supposed to appear on Jan 1st)… I am keeping my fingers crossed that there will be at least a preview version some time this year.

  4. Posted by Maurice - January 3rd, 2009 5:04 pm

    I have never got farther than 3rd level. Too strong monsters, even when using spells. Besides I always had problems with maintaining static or increasing amounts of stats – it is just that these unidentified potions and spellbooks are too tempting :D
    Well then, I will anxiously await the update, also hoping for some playable demo (sooner or later) :)

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