Ha! Forget all of Blizzard‘s recent propaganda. I have a teaser image of my own to post! Check this out:

Millenipede v1.2.0 Options screen teaser

Yes, it’s the rather unremarkable options menu of Millenipede 1.2. Nothing particularly groundbreaking there, it seems. But hang about – what on earth could the strange mysterious option be?! Answers on a postcard, please…

1 comment on 'Two can play that game'

  1. Posted by Maurice - June 25th, 2008 8:47 pm

    After spending few minutes trying to decipher the message I am afraid I have to say I utterly failed in finding what hides there.
    Though if take into consideration the title of the post… Nah. Everything will be revealed with release, so I guess I should wait until then :).

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