No need for faffing about. You know the routine by now, surely! Here’s another four entries for your inspection…

Free Dee - beware the transdimensional veggies...Goblin Treasure - don't get fried by eyebeamsGoblin Treasure - don't get fried by eyebeamsGuyman Hero - ridiculously hard, bizarrely fun

Free Dee by LemonScented TIGForum thread Download Free Dee for Windows
Entitled using a cunning “pune”, or play on words, this one gets bonus points for supporting those cutting edge owners of bonafidy 3D goggles! Normal visuals are also available but that sort of defeats the object. :) The game itself involves using the incredible powers of transdimensional vegetables to defeat the Lizardoid menace and protect your home village. Switch platforms between 3 layers in order to solve the puzzles and get through each level to the exit. Short ‘n’ sweet. 71%

Goblin Treasure by Reiss TIGForum thread Play Goblin Treasure
Tsk. You’d think that if a treasure box had been cursed so badly that it could eventually bring its surroundings into ruin, people would learn enough to leave the bloody thing alone. But ohh no. Those crazy adventurers have to go and try and dig it up… but, ahem, anyway. Make your way through a random maze of rooms in your hunt for the fabled box o’ treasure. Fight minibosses with both sword and arrows. Open doors locked by pressure plates. Find the box! Nicely polished but could use more variety. 75%

Great Dungeon in the Sky by Lord Tim TIGForum thread Play Great Dungeon in the Sky
Adventure through a giant floating rock in an attempt to kill the ultimate epic boss of doom protected by his four dragon pets. This game reminds me of Pixelships homepage Pixelships except with a fantasy theme, and that can only be a good thing. With some balancing and some different level environments I could see it becoming a very interesting project indeed. Buggy but great potential! 82%

Guyman Hero by feeblethemighty TIGForum thread Download Guyman Hero for Windows
A veritably multicoloured retro adventure! Clever use of artwork means a distinct look from most other Assemblee entries so far, but in terms of gameplay, you should be warned: this platformer is so hard you could cut diamonds with it! Yet despite the frustration (or because of it, whichever fits you best), the experience is hard to put down. Looking forward to see a future expansion of this. 77%

2 comments on 'TAR pt. 6: The cursed box'

  1. Posted by Maurycy Zarzycki - February 2nd, 2010 10:31 pm

    So, played two of them (Don’t have googles to play Free Dee and my Internet is too slow to download the DX update needed by Guyman Hero). Goblin Treasure was a nice idea and I can think of hundreds of ways to make this game better. I also liked GDinS, though after defeating two dragons I lost interest in playing it anymore and so, using Flies, I just skipped the levels until I got all the dragons. This game also is pretty nice but it quickly gets boring. I wish some of these title will be extended in the future. Well, off to Part 7 :).

  2. Posted by Chris - February 3rd, 2010 6:38 pm

    Yeah – GDitS is a game with huge potential. I love collect ‘em ups like this and it’d be good to see a bit of polish and expansion :)

    Assemblee really has created a lot of extremely promising projects, that can only be a good thing!

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