Crivens! Time to start (and finish) blazing a path through section C, but today, you’ll have to click past the jump to see the details – after I failed to post the third part yesterday, there’s now a whole seven games to cover in this installment! 8-O

Another new thing is that if a game isn’t downloadable, you can play it straight through you browser instead by clicking the icon. Ah, the wonders of Flash…

Covered today we have:

  • Cave Explorer: to the right!
  • Charles Babbage and the Difference Engine
  • Chase Goose
  • COIN
  • Coin Hunt
  • Cosmic Unleasher
  • Cowgirl and the Mushroom Men Genocide

Cave Explorer: to the right! by Raisins TIGForum thread Play Cave Explorer: to the right!
Pick one of eight different classes including the diggable Social Media Expert and militastic Contra, then… keep going right until you find the invisible goal! There are monters in the way, sure, but copious use your special abilities should remove them from your path in short order. It radiates a feeling of being unfinished but not a bad effort – has potential. 58%

Charles Babbage and the Difference Engine by Ryavis TIGForum thread Download Charles Babbage and the Difference Machine for Windows
“Well, apparently a lot of people go around talking to each other in a strangely measured pace and fighting for some reason.” Short plots for the win! A horizontal shooter with three difficulty levels. Try the later ones for bullet hell action! Fight hordes of mushrooms, giant eggs and other creatures. Bonus points for the crazy dialogue. 72%

Chase Goose by Hideous TIGForum thread Play Chase Goose
Wiggle the left and right cursor keys to hot-foot it away from the evil chasing mouth monster, Track and Field style, then use your other hand to hit various other keys on the keyboard to perform jumps. After that, I hope you have a third hand! Good concept but definitely a bit on the hard side. Playing it co-op could work nicely, though. 67%

COIN by Monochrome Nightmares TIGForum thread Download COIN for Windows
Stylish combo-building platformer where you embark upon a quest to collect as many coins as possible in 4 different levels (complete with boss encounters). Collected coins will temporarily boost your multiplier, which affects the number of coins dropped by enemies when killed. A solid idea, cleverly done. 80%

Coin Hunt by ETG TIGForum thread Play Coin Hunt
With a hop and a skip, help your pint-sized flea merchant hero to collect the coins before the mask-wearing goons steal them first. Pick up diamond and chuck them at a nearby interloper to be rewarded with a shower of currency to boost your score. A solid enough minigame but the coin drops feel too random; getting a good score needs help from Lady Luck. 73%

Cosmic Unleasher by Joaquim Pinkalsky TIGForum thread Download Cosmic Unleasher for Windows
A Lost Vikings / Gobliiins style game where you must guide 3 characters to freedom through several challenging levels. Not half bad for a first game-making effort but still very rough around the edges. With better controls and some in-game clues for what you’re meant to do, it’d rate higher. 54%

Cowgirl and the Mushroom Men Genocide by Will Swannack TIGForum thread Download Cowgirl and the Mushroom Men Genocide for Windows
*Puts on Miserable Git hat* Nggh. Bulky setup file alert! Despite having a promising concept – a bullet hell, multiplier-building platform shooter – it needs more than what this prototype version shows to be any significant fun. Points lost for not being able to shoot in mid-air; this makes killing enemies in some places nearly impossible. A few points added for 360 controller support, if you care to use it. 47%

2 comments on 'TAR pt. 3: Ninja monkey'

  1. Posted by Maurycy Zarzycki - January 25th, 2010 11:08 pm

    I like the Cave Explorer idea. I think I will steal the idea and make something myself out of it :).
    Opening Chase Goose now, Kongregate sure is slow and… Slow :x… Yay, got 5103! My fingers on right arm just…
    Didn’t like Coin Hunt too much unfortunately :).

    I wish all of the games were playable, I’d play them all. I’m going to check your previous posts and all the next about these games for sure! They are pretty nice. :)

  2. Posted by Chris - January 26th, 2010 4:53 pm

    Thanks! Glad you are enjoying the articles so far. :) There are plenty more fantastic entries yet to come…

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