Oh boy! As we keep cracking along down the alphabet we find some real humdingers filed under “B”.

One thing I forgot to mention in the first TAR post is that the download links will point you to the final competition version of the games – bear in mind there may also be further updated downloads! For the most recent links be sure to check the TIGForum threads.

Anyhow, this installment should be a good one, so let’s not hang around any longer. Here they come…

Bang Bang Roguelution - not psychedelic at all, honestBirdyWorld - a Zelda Construction Kit with no triforce in sightBitworld - two and half smooth dimensions of retro RoguelikenessBoulder Dodge - hmm, what did I have to do here again?

Bang Bang Roguelution by Sos TIGForum thread Download Bang Bang Roguelution for Windows
Holy macaroni, it’s a thinly veiled clone of Dance Dance Revolution complete with hordes of retro sprites! Get ready to mash your keyboard like there’s no tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, you can bag yourself a highscore. Includes 23 blippy tunes to savour the madness with. Steer clear of this one if you are prone to seizures, but otherwise get in there and have a laugh! 71%

BirdyWorld by Logan Ames TIGForum thread Download BirdyWorld for Windows
Billed as a “collaborative Zelda“, this has to be one of the competition’s star entries. Explore a world that has been created by other players (that includes the monsters and dungeons, too) and expand the world yourself as you go! A cool concept indeed. It’s let down by the lack of any sound or music, but the gameplay is horribly addictive despite the lack of clear objectives… 83%

Bitworld by Ivan Safrin TIGForum thread Download Bitworld for Windows Download Bitworld for Intel Mac
Imaginative use of 2.5D makes this another strong challenger for an Assemblee victory. It’s a Roguelike dungeon romp where you take either a knight, wizzard (sic) or archer into ye olde dwarven fortress in order to defeat the stompy red demon of doom which has invaded the place. Very, very smoothly done. Switching between axiseses is fun! 86%

I couldn’t get this to work, so I’ll return to it later in TAR when I’ve had chance to find out why it hates me :(

Boulder Dodge by EzekielKnight TIGForum thread Download Boulder Dodge for Windows
A single-screen time attack where you must keep the counter running for as long as possible while picking up gems and multipliers to increase your score. And, weirdly enough, there are these boulder thingies which you have to… erm… give me a minute… dodge, that was it, dodge! Or they’ll bash you on the head and make you lose, and stuff. Nothing special – good, simple fun for a few minutes. 59%

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  1. Posted by SEPTiMUS - January 23rd, 2010 8:14 pm

    That Bitworld is fantastic, love the style of it :)

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