There are only 17 Assemblee games to go! No more half measures – let’s make a push for the finish with these six new contenders! Coming up in today’s exciting episode…

  • Space Smuggler
  • SpriteGears
  • Super Treasure Ball Gasm
  • The Birth of Selthar
  • The Girl and the Shadow
  • The Journey

For such a massive batch as this I’ll see you after the jump! Oh, and another new icon at this late stage in proceedings (which I should’ve possibly added earlier) – this one Java download indicates a Java file which you may or may not be able to play on all of Windows, Linux and Mac. Have fun!

Space Smuggler - laying down the lawSpriteGears - gotta sprite 'em allSuper Treasure Ball Gasm - like Oxyd, only different

Space Smuggler by AttributeClash TIGForum thread Download Space Smuggler for Windows
You’ve been rumbled! After barely surviving a meteor shower that weakened the hull of your strangely cubic spaceship, the law (and a supporting cast of space aliens) are out to get you. Survive five waves of attackers to win, but aim carefully: your blaster can destroy the structure of your ship and if that happens… well, depressurisation sucks. A tricky game to win but good attention to detail. 70%

SpriteGears by Santiago ‘Slashie’ Zapata TIGForum thread Download SpriteGears (Java)
An interesting attempt to mix PixelShips with a turn-based strategy game. Pick a squadron of SpriteGears to explore the galaxy and expand your collection by fighting and capturing other Sprites. Each has its own attack pattern, strength and shield power. Alas that the game is noticeably unfinished and unpolished. However, make no mistake. Should development continue, this is a possible star in the making… 64%

Super Treasure Ball Gasm by jamatthews TIGForum thread Download Super Treasure Ball Gasm
Roll your super treasure ball around the screen collecting coins and avoiding devious traps. Reminds me a bit of Oxyd. Nothing spectacularly original but it’s still a pleasant and relaxing bit of entertainment – it has plenty of levels, a competitive 2-player mode and some unlockable content to keep you busy with. Even has a nice credits sequence! Good game, this. 82%

The Birth of Selthar - wandering through the darkThe Girl and the Shadow - please, make it go awayThe Journey - it's ninjarific

The Birth of Selthar by ZepGrem, JonRambo & Kyliroth TIGForum thread Download The Birth of Selthar for Windows
Yippity yay hiii-oh, it’s console RPG time! Pretty standard fare as you adventure through some ancient caverns seeking fame, treasure and a place that sells a decent cup of tea. Has a nifty trick up its sleeve, though. You can learn new attacks and power up your character in specific ways based on the monsters you fight. Feels rather unbalanced and lacks finesse, but still enjoyable and a jolly good effort. 76%

The Girl and the Shadow by Aik TIGForum thread Download The Girl and the Shadow for Windows
What’s that you say? You want something to ponder the meaning of life with? Something a bit surreal? Aha, well, here’s just the thing for you! Help a girl and her donkey (!) to get rid of a shadow that’s taken to lurking inside her cave. Gain the help of three costume spirits and you should be able to drive it away. The bugs in the game almost add to the dreamlike feel. A five minute distraction; nothing more. 59%

The Journey by Georg ‘Endurion’ Rottensteiner TIGForum thread Download The Journey for Windows
Too long have we been waiting in this competition for an entrant that makes good use of ninjas, but now The Journey is here to quench our hunger for throwing-star-wielding protagonists! Unforgiving collisions and some challenging boss fights make for a platformer that’ll need ninja-like reflexes to beat. And then there’s the whole rotating the world thing. Excellently put together and lots of gameplay. 84%

Santiago Zapata

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