It seems to be a tradition here in the UK to use bank holidays in order to get rid of all those DIY jobs you’ve been meaning to do for ages… so, in recognition of this, I’m not going to do anything constructive whatsoever! :P Alright, well, maybe a bit. My recent obsession with Minecraft has stolen time away from stuff I really should be sorting out. There’s a whole slew of other recent indie games that I want to talk about, not to mention some coding that I’ve been neglecting for way too long.

As you possibly noticed by the lack of the announcement, submissions for the Poing! PC community level pack are now closed. I’m moving the estimated release date back a week to somewhere around the first weekend in June. When it does arrive, though, you can look forward to at least two new levelsets with new graphics and a new “pastel” brickset to use in your own levels if you wish. I’m resisting the temptation to do a full visual makeover of the game because, honestly, with no access to the code in order to fix its long-standing bugs, that would be wasteful. It’s an old game and I think from this point it needs to grow old gracefully :)

Yeah. Any more work I do on a Poing-style game would be better spent on making a sequel… and sorry Poing fans, but no – that’s not a hint at a future project. Not for this year, at any rate! :D

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  1. Posted by Mauft - May 25th, 2009 11:35 am

    Dang, I have to start working on my Poing sooner or later, or else you will forestall me in it :) .

    On a side not, I just checked your Minecraft video and… I will have to try it sometime soon :D .

    Too bad I probably won’t be able to play new Poing Levelsets, as the game still runs on around 20 FPS (Even though I lately installed 2GB Ram which gives me 4GB now, so more resources for integrated Graphics Card to use). Though I will soon do a major Cleaning on my disk, removing two Win 7 beta installations I have and installing Win 7 x64 RC and Win XP and hopefully it will work Better at least on one of them :) .

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