Millenipede v1.2.0 is now available!

It’s been ages since the last major new version of Millenipede but now you don’t have to wait any longer – version 1.2.0 for Windows is now available! Yippee!

After all this time, what is there to make a fuss about? Well – first and foremost, there are now online highscores (known more grandly as the World Leaderboard) so you can compare your scores with Millenipede players everywhere. It’s limited to the all-time top 100 scores right now but I have a couple ideas for improving that side of things in the future.

There’s also a selection of rockin’ powerups which the teaser video earlier in the week showed off, including missile volleys, smartbombs and railblasts – all of which can be devastatingly effective if used correctly!

To give things a final spit and polish, there have been many other refinements to give higher scores, smoother gameplay and more varied visuals. Blasting evil space insects has never been so much fun!

I hope you all enjoy the new version. I’ll be waiting for your scores ;)

2 comments on 'Panic!'

  1. Posted by DPJ93 - November 1st, 2008 11:57 pm

    Yay it’s here! I’ll try it in a moment ;)

  2. Posted by Maurice - November 2nd, 2008 4:33 pm

    Time to try to get on the first place :)

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