IGF 2009

Gosh, this time of year seems to roll around quicker and quicker lately. The finalists for 2009’s Independent Games Festival [link] have been announced and you can check the list of finalists and award nominations right here.

Night GameOther than the contenders that you may already know about like Cortex Command [link] and – rather inexplicably, I must say – You Have To Burn The Rope [link], here’s a sprinkling of entries that I think deserve an immediate mention…

  • Night Game [pictured], a non-violent physics puzzler designed by Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren alongside other talented folks from Nicalis.
  • Dyson [link], from Rudolf Kremers and Alex May. A procedurally-generated RTS with a soothing ambiance but frantic gameplay – it’s come a long way since the TIGSource competition where it originated, and what’s more, it’s made in the UK! Yay!
  • Mightier [link], giving that printer and webcam of yours something useful to do! Create landscapes in this 3D platformer from Ratloop by drawing them on a printed piece of paper then scanning them back into the game.

More coverage of this year’s IGF to come in the following weeks, but for now, good luck to all the finalists!

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  1. Posted by Maurice - January 8th, 2009 10:59 pm

    My, this screen gave me an absolutely brilliant idea of Knytt-styled physics platformer, with amazing plot (Though I haven’t though the plot yet :P), and basically nothing else… But that’s an idea for some faaaar future.

    I have mock exam tomorrow (one out of three) of Matura (which is the ending “exam-test” in High-school in Poland) so after that I will make sure to check out these games to relax :P. Especially this Night game and Cortyx Command (I only made a quick peek at their site, but since it looked a lot like Turrican it made me curious).

    Oh well, time to get some (6 hours) sleep.

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