Just a small thing, but I finally got around to adding Gravatar support to the page and post comments, along with tidying up the site theme in a few places :) It was actually way easier than I thought it’d be…

Onward to Dalyn’s Quill – midway through this Sunday afternoon I’ve made a fair bit of progress:

  • The pen toolbar now works as intended, with pens selectable using either left or right mouse buttons
  • File -> Open… can load MDATA11.MDR files without needing to hardcode anything
  • The current level spinbuttons now work and the canvas updates appropriately
  • All of the dungeon canvas graphics should now match those found in Mordor (instead of using the slightly different ones I created for Return to Dejenol)

Dalyn's Quill - old school graphics for the win

Currently I’m wrestling with how to replicate the old editor’s mouse wheel functionality (allowing you to quickly select the active area ID). Things work a bit differently with MaxGUI – right now I’m just trying to avoid any other bloopers along the lines of the infamous “toolbar” incident… 8-O

2 comments on 'Gravatastic update!'

  1. Posted by Mauft - March 8th, 2009 6:31 pm

    That’s a coincidence! I, on contrary, created a Gravatar account today (but my strength didn’t last long enough to upload any avatar yet).

    Toolbar incident? I think I am missing something.

    By the way, is it just me or there was still no update about the new Mordor?

  2. Posted by Chris - March 8th, 2009 7:43 pm

    Gravatars are a nice thing to have, if only to break up the text a little ;)

    I didn’t seem to get an email update about MXP – but there *was* a February update with some very good news that I’ll put on the frontpage sometime this week. Apparently a public release will come quite soon! Reading between the lines, maybe even as soon as April.


    Oh, and as for the “toolbar” thing – I just made a mistake of thinking a standard toolbar will recognise right-clicks seperately from left-clicks, which of course they don’t (not without major wrangling at least)… had to undo all my toolbar work and swap it to a fiddlier canvas method instead :roll:

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