Okay, I know this is a somewhat lazy and isn’t one of my own Game Music Monday videos – it isn’t even a remix! – but it still kind of fits the bill for recent events.

A certain game cause quite a stir on Friday and broke all sorts of records, at one point seeing about 280,000 people playing it all at once. I was one of them! Do I get a cookie? No? Pah. Well, fine – I’ll just nom into my bowl of mammoth snout steak, then. Meanwhile, there are still those who feel that Skyrim isn’t the be all and end all of modern gaming, and cling to the glory days they when Morrowind started to grace our hard drives for the first time over nine years ago. Feeling old yet? I am!…

Credit goes to SockandRock who did a good deed by uploading this legendary composition from the one and only Jeremy Soule. I played Morrowind only a little and mostly just as an experiment – I joined the Elder Scrolls at the bit where, just as all those dratted Oblivion Gates were popping up everywhere, someone kindly thought to deliver 15,000 watermelons to Chancellor Ocato. My soul was never quite my own ever since.

Normal service Рwhatever the deuce that is Рwill resume next week. Until then, enjoy the memories this tune effortlessly conjures up, and if you just so happen to be fighting dragons in snowy climes, may your Shouts be strong!