Quote would be sad, tooCave Story+, the PC port of a Mac port of a WiiWare port of a PC freeware game, has apparently come full circle and is now available on Steam. I am a huge fan of Cave Story and, I like to hope, a reasonable person. Like many others I admire “Pixel“ - Daisuke Amaya - for creating the original version and releasing it back in 2004. Aeon Genesis deserve some credit as well for the English translation patch. It is a charming game that has done a great service in boosting the indie gaming scene. That said, I will most certainly not be buying into this thinly disguised cash-in – and I’m actually shocked and quite disappointed that Nicalis had the cheek to go so far down this road.

So here’s the story: After a chain of poorly-communicated delays spanning through 2009, the $12 / £10 WiiWare release of the game in North America last year was deservedly well-received but expensive and somewhat glitchy. It included one particularly annoying bug with music playback when the original music tracks were selected instead of the default remixed tracks (which some people – including myself – didn’t like). Not only did it take eight months to get these problems patched out but it took ten months after the NA release for the game to get to Europe. Meh. So far, so mediocre.

Then there was the DSiWare release for portable gamers to enjoy Quote’s adventures. Cool. But a year on from the Japanese and North American releases last November, it still isn’t available in Europe, despite a suggestion from Joystiq it would be out around Q2 of this year. It seems likely that Euro gamers will now never see that version due to the incoming Cave Story 3D for the 3DS (which – who’d have guessed? – has also been delayed). Based on their track record, who knows when the 3DS incarnation will arrive in Euroland…

Surely things can’t get any more ridiculous. But wait! Yes they do!

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oooooOOEEEeeeoooeoOOOEEeeEEOoooo! Be afraid, be very afraid, because it’s time for a special Halloween double bill of delicious game music remixes!

Yes, I know both of these tracks are the same tune, and you might wonder why. Well, simple really: They’re both so good that I couldn’t include one over the other, and since it’s a special occasion, I bundled them both into one feature so that you can decide for yourself which is your favourite.

Zolyx’s Game Music Monday #7: Halloween Ghouls ‘n Ghosts!

The original composer of this track was Tim Follin, a name that certainly ranks up there with the most respected 8-bit composers of all time. His work in games such as L.E.D. Storm, Black Lamp, and Bionic Commando – along with the two GnG games - is fondly remembered by many. Remixers Binster and Tim Forsyth have done well to preserve the classic feel with some modern flair.

Enjoy your Halloween and tune in next week!

Straight from Twitter (courtesy of UFHO2 on Twitter UFHO2) comes Nintendo announce new release schedule this list of what Nintendo plans to release over the coming three months. There’s some good stuff there, but also some glaring omissions. It’s hard, I know, but do try not to be too surprised when I say…

What, no Wii Cave Story?! :roll:

No sign of NIGORO‘s redone version of La-Mulana either, or indeed the blockbuster-in-waiting Super Mario Galaxy 2. But I suppose there’s a whole nine other months which they haven’t mentioned yet… :)

My pick of the list would have to be Worms: Battle Islands for WiiWare homepage Worms: Battle Islands, ‘cos you just can’t get enough of the classic 2D Worms action. But I really wish Team 17 would come back to their roots and bring out an updated PC version (that’s 2D, not those silly 3D versions). Worms Armageddon / World Party are beginning to show their age – they’re over eight years old, after all. Just think what you could do with proper physics! Ragdoll worms! Particles! Water with proper reflections! Bigger, better, more detailed landscapes! Local networking without the annoying lag! Even just the slightly-more-shiny graphics upgrades of the console ports would be nice. Please guys, you know you want to make it happen… ;)

To all you people who are crazy enough to read this blog regularly – and even to those who are just passing through – I wish you all a very Happy New Year!

I hope your holiday season went well. It’s been a pretty good year for indie games and I’m expecting another great list of titles in 2010. Stay tuned and I’ll try to give my usual sporadic coverage of yesterday’s boring news… today! ;) There’s a ton to look forward to – Fez and a deluxe version of Spelunky for XBLA, Night Sky and the much-hyped-and-might-arrive-soon Cave Story for Wii, and who knows what else there might be for PC gamers!

In any case, we can kick the year off the way we want it to continue with Terry Cavanagh‘s VVVVVV very soon – he’s announced that it’ll be released in just over a week on the 10th of January. It will be available from thelettervsixtim.es and will cost a mere $15 / £9.30ish. Or you can still preorder the game for just $10 (by donating with the Paypal link on the Distractionware blog) until January the 3rd. Great stuff!

I’m a little bit vexed. In fact, stuff that – I’m downright cross.

Aside from having a rather irksome finish to my day at work (for which I can only be grateful that today is Friday), I’m once again disappointed upon checking today’s WiiWare releases.

I’m sure Dragon Master Spell Caster is entertaining enough, just as Copter Crisis may also be fun. And since I’m currently playing through Pokémon Pearl on my DS (what an admission to make!), last week’s Pokémon Rumble did actually tickle my interest a tiny bit.

But there’s a simple, hard fact. None of those games are the ones I want to see. Yep… it’s time for a rant about the continued lack of a solid release date for Wii Cave Story. And other related stuff, like Saira [link], Nifflas‘ promising new game.

I’m sure I’ll end up sounding like an impatient fanboy who’s just angry that a game he wants still isn’t out, but that’s tough luck. My spleen needs venting. :evil:

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Tyrone Rodriguez and Nicklas Nygren, the indie duo known as Nicalis, were interviewed by Nintendo Life a couple of days ago about their progress with Night Game. Alas, it sounds like there’s still a bit of a wait ahead for those of us who are interested in getting our hands on the ambient roll ‘em up that’ll be out first on WiiWare.

Nicalis logoTo quote Tyrone: “The audio and most of the design is complete for the game. It should be a few months before we give an estimated date of completion.”

Arf. Still, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

And while I’m on the subject of Nicalis, there’s the recent blockbuster news that they’re also working on a Wii remix of La Mulana featuring downloadable content and additional game modes. Now, although I hate to be a dealer in doom and gloom, at this point I can’t help but be a little concerned at the pressure they’re putting on themselves. Have they bitten off too much?

Let’s face it – Cave Story and La Mulana are two of the most cult indie games of the past five years. Taking on one title alone was a brave move; to do both is treading the fine line between unwavering courage and downright foolishness. Should the worst happen and Nicalis somehow gets it wrong, a lot of people are going to be disappointed, and prospects for their future projects would be dim indeed.

Happy Easter! :) Here’s a couple of interesting trailers that I’ve been meaning to mention.

IGN have posted a Night Game gameplay video which showcases the ambient, physics-loaded exploration platformer from Nicalis (yep, the team that Nicklas “Nifflas” Nygren is working with, if you didn’t already guess from the footage). It’s coming out later this year on WiiWare, and I have to say that I’m seriously tempted to get a Wii just to play this game. Roll your Oxyd-like black marble around the dusky landscapes and just… enjoy the ride. Check the video out here.

Night Game - just rolling around has never been so much fun!

Also released last Wednesday was a trailer for The Blackwell Convergence, the latest point and click adventure from Wadjet Eye Games [link]. This is third in their series of Blackwell titles and it looks to keep up the same high standard.

2D Boy: World of Goo

2D Boy announced yesterday that the Windows version of World of Goo has gone gold! Yippee! There’s no word on an exact release date, but with this news it surely can’t be too far away. Mac, Linux and Wii versions are also on the ever-approaching horizon.

It’d be cool if there were a demo version, but perhaps that will appear at some point in the future. Meantime, should you feel like spending your hard-earned dosh in support of a clearly quite talented indie developer duo, there’s still the option to pre-order and get immediate access to an introductory chapter of the game.

Hmm… I wonder what would happen if any of that goo got into CERN’s new particle accelerator? Something even worse than a black hole, I reckon!