Cake does not represent truth.

Honestly, I feel really bad about this horrendous lack of posts. After blatantly ignoring my own warning about the danger of gaps, it’s only fair that I offer a completely truthful explanation. You deserve nothing less for sticking around. It’s a long story, but what actually happened was this…

I was munching on a very tasty slice of cake whilst playing one of the last Assemblee games in order to piece together TAR part 16 when, out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a flicker of movement. Glancing in that direction I saw nothing out of the ordinary. Assuming it was just the shadow of a flying pig, I resumed my keyboard wrestling match, but before I’d even had chance to type another word, POW! Something rugby-tackled me off my chair and barged me face-first into a pile of extremely uncomfortable cushions.

Choking and spluttering crumbs of cake everywhere, I was otherwise uninjured, and despite being momentarily stunned, it took mere nanoseconds for my secret ninja agent training to recover my senses. Rolling out of the accursed cushion pile and plucking a feather off my monocle to avoid scratches, I locked gazes with my assailant – a Greater-Speckled Commodore Marmot!

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Gaps are dangerous and can cause terrible accidents. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an actual physical gap, e.g. the one between the platform and the tube train, or a more immaterial gap between, e.g., blog posts.

Here is a handy illustration of gapspace that you may wish to carry with you in order to safeguard your day-to-day activity.

Gapspace. You have been warned.

Meanwhile, normal posting (if anything here can be categorised as such) will resume shortly…

Unfortunately, the many constructive things I could have blogged about today seemed to fly out of my head as I actually sat down to write something. Instead, have this pointless YouTube video of some random Minecraft multiplayer action involving water, spirals and water. And spirals. Oh, did I mention it has watery spirals in it?…

…Yeah, I’ll just be going now. Tomorrow will be more informative, I promise :)

This isn’t new by any means (gosh… is there anything I post here which actually is?!), but if you ever wondered exactly what it was possible to do in just 4 kilobytes’ worth of computer program, check this out:

I just can’t even begin to think how something like this is made. Clever stuff.

Yes, the long silence is broken with something that definitely isn’t a Poing community level preview (coming soon… honest!). Instead… well, what on earth is THIS?

EightyForty WIP 1 - oh, what a can of worms...

Presenting the first (and possibly the last) screenshot of: EightyForty, an oldschool DOS-ish screen prototyper! Boring, nerdy and geeky, yes? Hell no! This is the cutting edge, I tell ya…

This came as a direct result of finding out how to do single-buffered graphics in BlitzMax, which isn’t as clearly documented as it should be. As it happens, such a graphics system isn’t really utilised fully in this particular app – but for a future Blitz Roguelike engine it certainly would be :D I must shout a big “thank you!” to Mauft for suggesting the breakthrough that got it up and running.

In other news, work is edging forward on a super-secret collaborative project that I can’t say anything about. Yet. If and when there’s anything juicy to tell you (that my good coding partner is happy for me to let slip!), you’ll almost surely be among the first to know 8-)

Ooooh. Mysterious!As you might have guessed from my lack of posts over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been quite busy with this “other writing” which I mentioned a little while back. What on earth could I mean? Will you get to see any of it? Does it somehow involve marmots? Who knows. I’m not really at liberty to say anything more about it, except… what has been forgotten will soon be remembered. Yeah, that’s really helpful, innit? Wait and see… ‘cos there isn’t long to wait :)

It does mean that I’ve put Dalyn’s Quill on the backburner for a short while, but I’ll be getting back to it soon. I was also on the verge of releasing another on-the-fly Socoder Weekly Workshop entry called Greenway’s Gauntlet… I’ll leave it as a prototype for now but I do want to upload the wonderfully hackish code when time permits.

Meh, now I’ve mentioned it, take a look at this screenshot illustrating its full rubbishness (not recommended for people who dislike the colour green):

Ohnoes! It's full of green!!

Ohnoes! It's full of green!!

Guess when I put it up, I could shove Pick ‘n’ Mix online too, which was another really quick and dirty project I did for Socoder a while back. So much to do, yet so little time!

This is seriously dedicated stuff. I don’t know exactly who made this, but someone has created a brilliant copy of Aperture Science’s portal gun:

Portal gun photo 1Portal gun photo 2

I love it! It’s even got authentic-looking wear and tear. Very professional indeed, and best of all it’s completely safe. Oh, and your cake is just through that doorway over there…

There’s some more pictures over on the original Shacknews post.

NCSoft announced today that they’d be immortalising video gamers by launching a so-called “Immortality Drive”, a time capsule containing the digitised DNA of selected Tabula Rasa players – along with copies of their in-game characters.

To make the project slightly less geeky, the capsule will also contain some of “humanity’s greatest achievements”. NCSoft are inviting everyone to put their thoughts forward on what to include, so if you want to get involved with the discussion, take a trip to the Operation Immortality homepage and start having your say.

I’m not quite sure what to think about this… it’s certainly a unique idea but somehow it smacks of “gimmick” to me :-?