oooooOOEEEeeeoooeoOOOEEeeEEOoooo! Be afraid, be very afraid, because it’s time for a special Halloween double bill of delicious game music remixes!

Yes, I know both of these tracks are the same tune, and you might wonder why. Well, simple really: They’re both so good that I couldn’t include one over the other, and since it’s a special occasion, I bundled them both into one feature so that you can decide for yourself which is your favourite.

Zolyx’s Game Music Monday #7: Halloween Ghouls ‘n Ghosts!

The original composer of this track was Tim Follin, a name that certainly ranks up there with the most respected 8-bit composers of all time. His work in games such as L.E.D. Storm, Black Lamp, and Bionic Commando – along with the two GnG games -┬áis fondly remembered by many. Remixers Binster and Tim Forsyth have done well to preserve the classic feel with some modern flair.

Enjoy your Halloween and tune in next week!

Twitter followers might see that I’ve been playing the classic NES platformer Super Mario Brothers lately. Since I call myself a retro gamer, it’s on my list of “games to play and finish” – along with a whole slew of other oldschool console games (which I might get around to posting some time). In doing so, I can’t shake the feeling that I may have made a terrible error in judgement…

“This should be easy enough,” I thought. “It’s only a simple platform game. C’mon, how hard can it be?”

Super Mario Brothers!So… yeah. It seems like modern commercial games have made me soft. SMB is, without any flicker of hesitation, the hardest game I have played in years. It takes your soul and slowly squeezes the will to live out of it. When it’s done doing that, it proceeds to grind the remainder into tiny fragments. And whatever is left gets fed to a Goomba.

And yet, after scouring every level for secret coins, 1UPs and warp areas, I’m pretty close. At least I hope I’m close. I can get to 8-3 with about five lives (or sometimes more on a good run), but then the real soul-crunching insanity kicks in. Turtles were never meant to wield hammers! For the love of all that’s good… it’s not right! :-x

If I finally figure out the pattern and manage to beat 8-4 – which so far I’ve only reached once with but a single life – and then discover there’s some insanity like a grand finale boss fight, well, let’s just say that innocent inanimate objects, other people and even cute fluffy kittens would not be safe from my nerdwrath.

This game will not beat me… it won’t… mustn’t give up… grumble, mutter, curse :evil: