Followers of my random outbursts on Twitter might be aware that I’ve been playing the Median XL [link] mod for Diablo II lately. Personally I blame my reacquaintance with the action RPG king on the growing hype around the release of Torchlight [link] later this month, but that’s another story that I’ll save for another post. :roll:

As I was saying – tinkering with Median XL hasn’t turned out to be a five minute wonder like most of my gaming habits, so it’s probably only right to put into words (and pictures) what has kept my interest so far…

Diablo II Median XL - title screenDiablo II Median XL - fight thunder with thunder!Diablo II Median XL - bowazon power!

If you have a peruse at Median‘s homepage, you’ll soon see that the change list is ever so slightly HUGE. It changes all of the classes by giving them brand new skills. It adds new monsters that use sneaky AI and uberquests for tough-nut characters. It adds new gems, new runes, and “mystic orbs” you can use to create crafted items with the exact bonuses you want. There’s just a lot more action, right from the get-go… and for an action RPG, I’d say that’s a good thing :D