Tomorrow should be an interesting day. It may well be looked back on as the start of something amazing.

It’s a long story that’s led us to this point, but tomorrow, Nvidia should hopefully be releasing a new graphics driver package that will enable “Nvidia PhysX” support on any 8-series or newer video card. The effect? An awful lot of people will be upgrading to SLI… :P

The effects may not be instantaneous as there are still very few games which use PhysX, but this will surely change now that a leading name is pushing the concept forwards. Developers are also far more likely to sit up and take notice now that a significant percentage of gamers are PhysX-ready.

For a bit more background on how it all works and some early benchmark results, check out Guru3D’s review.

Strangely enough… no!

SSD – that is, Solid State Drives – will be the next big computing revolution, I think. For many years you’ve probably gotten used to having a handy USB storage stick that you can carry your documents around on – but there’s slowly been a turn towards using larger amounts of flash storage to replace traditional hard disks.

One of the more recent offerings in this market is the Core series from OCZ, a company that’s earned a name for themselves in providing high-end RAM favoured by overclocking enthusiasts. Despite only learning about it from a friend in work today, I’m really very tempted to buy one after checking out some of the benchmarking tests and reviews..

Take a gander at this:

The long and short of it seems to be that this new drive blows conventional hard disks right out of the water in most circumstances. Plus they’re completely silent! It’d be great not to have to suffer the noise that comes out of my current Raptor drive. Time to get saving, I reckon!