Diablo III logoI think I can sense a lot of diary-clearing going on! Much as I would’ve liked Runic Games to be the ones to announce their date for Torchlight 2 first, I’m still happy to finally have a firm date to look forward to.

Presumably as a reference to the 15th anniversary of the Diablo series, Blizzard will be releasing Diablo III to the general public of Earth on Tuesday, May the 15th. Fwee! Just another two months of nail-chewing to endure before we can all finally get our hands on the latest entry to the series that defined the term “lootfest”.

With it being such a short time away*, it makes me feel somewhat less impatient at not having gotten into the beta. :roll: I’m hyped!

* Note: 2 months in “Blizzard time” is barely enough to have a nice cup of tea in, so yes, for them it IS a short time.

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  1. Posted by ALCH3MIST - April 17th, 2012 4:18 pm

    “Blizzard time”, of course :) The famous “It’s ready when it’s ready” phrase @ work.

    That said, DIABLO 3!WOO!

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