Time for an apology, I think.

See, there’s this site run by a mad coding genius called Jayenkai, and for a good long time now he’s made it his purpose to craft games of many and varied types, but limiting himself to just a week of development time on each. The prospect of keeping this up for even a month or two would probably scare the pants off most sane people, but in fact¬†AGameAWeek.com AGameAWeek.com has grown to include an incredible library of his efforts! Sadly, until now, I have not advertised this incredible feat in any way. Sorry about that; a most lamentable oversight on my part. :cry:

Anyway, yes – do not be deceived, dear reader, into thinking that just because a game took only a week to make that it must somehow be a load of rubbish. Nothing could be further from the truth! Jay has mastered the technique to a fine art, and pretty much all of his projects – for the PC and also some for the DS – are worth looking at.

To make it easier for you, he has recently bundled together his entire collection of work in a series of Zip files, labelled according to their ranking. If you didn’t fancy browsing through the entire¬†The Jayenkai Archive Jayenkai Archive and downloading each title individually, you can now get the whole lot in party-sized compilation packs from AGameAWeek blog: Downloadable Archive (for playing or mirroring) this blogpost. Happy time!

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  1. Posted by PixelProspector - January 18th, 2010 9:51 pm

    Very talented and prolific guy indeed!
    I highly recommend these games:
    Alien Deathmatch 2, NeonPlat, Horizontal Shooter Redux, Microbes, TetriPong, Centipong, Blockman Gets More…

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