Okay, so here’s how things are standing with the project-with-no-name – after using some industrial trussing-up code, I’ve finally gotten an ancient and¬†embarrassingly¬†simple bug in the dungeon editor to stop making everything else fall down repeatedly! Friendly advice from one coder to another: Don’t save values as signed Integers and then load them into an unsigned Byte variable. Just don’t. The number formerly saved as -1 is not amused at such shenanigans.

I’m nearly done with Milestone 2, and possibly might have had it nailed today were it not for the aforementioned editor malfunction. Tomorrow I intend to finish defining debug monsters for each of the 18 spawn types – as close as I am to nearly being able to list all of the categories off the top of my head, I’ll spare you the detail – and then, I can crosswire the now-properly-loading dungeon spawn area IDs into the part which keeps track of all the monster spawning, and finally the dungeon will be rid of the Random Monster army!

And after that? A change of pace. Items! And a way to look at how awesome they are! And perhaps if I use enough exclamation marks in this sentence, I can persuade myself that interface design is fun after all! Yeeaah… no. Not happening.