Without too much further ado tonight I present the tenth Game Music Monday – wahey, we’re in double figures! Still, I should really try and get these posted a little earlier in the day…

Zolyx’s Game Music Monday #10: J Krafft – IK Hamburg Extravaganza RMX

Today’s arranger, J Krafft, takes one of Rob Hubbard‘s iconic songs from International Karate and changes it into a softer, more ambient mix that is perfect to just chill and unwind with. The vocal samples are a nice touch and don’t sound gimmicky as such additions often can.

Click play and tune out! Hope you enjoy and I’ll see you same time next week.

Quote would be sad, tooCave Story+, the PC port of a Mac port of a WiiWare port of a PC freeware game, has apparently come full circle and is now available on Steam. I am a huge fan of Cave Story and, I like to hope, a reasonable person. Like many others I admire “Pixel“ - Daisuke Amaya - for creating the original version and releasing it back in 2004. Aeon Genesis deserve some credit as well for the English translation patch. It is a charming game that has done a great service in boosting the indie gaming scene. That said, I will most certainly not be buying into this thinly disguised cash-in – and I’m actually shocked and quite disappointed that Nicalis had the cheek to go so far down this road.

So here’s the story: After a chain of poorly-communicated delays spanning through 2009, the $12 / £10 WiiWare release of the game in North America last year was deservedly well-received but expensive and somewhat glitchy. It included one particularly annoying bug with music playback when the original music tracks were selected instead of the default remixed tracks (which some people – including myself – didn’t like). Not only did it take eight months to get these problems patched out but it took ten months after the NA release for the game to get to Europe. Meh. So far, so mediocre.

Then there was the DSiWare release for portable gamers to enjoy Quote’s adventures. Cool. But a year on from the Japanese and North American releases last November, it still isn’t available in Europe, despite a suggestion from Joystiq it would be out around Q2 of this year. It seems likely that Euro gamers will now never see that version due to the incoming Cave Story 3D for the 3DS (which – who’d have guessed? – has also been delayed). Based on their track record, who knows when the 3DS incarnation will arrive in Euroland…

Surely things can’t get any more ridiculous. But wait! Yes they do!

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Greetings, audiophiles!

Back on to the normal schedule of proper GMMs, then. Although my pick for this week has already been featured by others, it’s for good reason – ’tis is a cracking set o’ notes if ever I did lay ears on such a thing…

Zolyx’s Game Music Monday #9: Lagerfeldt – R-Type (Doppelganger Summer Remix)

R-Type, the arcade scrolling shooter to which quite a lot of other scrolling shooters are compared, is quite challenging, and has a version on virtually every gaming platform there ever was. It also has some darn good music – for the Amiga version this came from Chris Huelsbeck. While the game was innovative for the time, it isn’t to everyone’s taste and some may even have not played it at all – but that’s no reason to stop yourself from enjoying this great remix from Lagerfeldt!

Okay, I know this is a somewhat lazy and isn’t one of my own Game Music Monday videos – it isn’t even a remix! – but it still kind of fits the bill for recent events.

A certain game cause quite a stir on Friday and broke all sorts of records, at one point seeing about 280,000 people playing it all at once. I was one of them! Do I get a cookie? No? Pah. Well, fine – I’ll just nom into my bowl of mammoth snout steak, then. Meanwhile, there are still those who feel that Skyrim isn’t the be all and end all of modern gaming, and cling to the glory days they when Morrowind started to grace our hard drives for the first time over nine years ago. Feeling old yet? I am!…

Credit goes to SockandRock who did a good deed by uploading this legendary composition from the one and only Jeremy Soule. I played Morrowind only a little and mostly just as an experiment – I joined the Elder Scrolls at the bit where, just as all those dratted Oblivion Gates were popping up everywhere, someone kindly thought to deliver 15,000 watermelons to Chancellor Ocato. My soul was never quite my own ever since.

Normal service – whatever the deuce that is – will resume next week. Until then, enjoy the memories this tune effortlessly conjures up, and if you just so happen to be fighting dragons in snowy climes, may your Shouts be strong!

Ah, this tune, folks. This tune!…

I love it to pieces. It brings back so many memories of a time in my life when worries were strange things that only other people had. Even now it’s got a great feel-good beat to it. Clyde Radcliffe will always have a special place in my heart. :-P

Zolyx’s Game Music Monday #8: CZ Tunes – Creatures

This is just one of several remixes that have been created by CZ Tunes so you should definitely look them up if you want more good-quality ear food. The original song was composed by Steve Rowlands, while his brother (John Rowlands) was responsible for all the code wizardry that made Creatures such an awesome game. Together, as Apex Computer Productions, they were arguably the last developer to push the limits of the C64 in its twilight years.

See you again next week – if, that is, a certain sequel to a well-known game franchise hasn’t burnt me to a pile of ash by dragonfire!