It’s Monday, and that means it’s time for another piece of excellently-mixed game music!

The track for today comes from Glyn R Brown, a talented remixer who has used his magic to create an impressive new version of the music found in Gordian Tomb. This was a game released for the Commodore 64 and Amiga, and the same music was used in a PC remake (which you can find as a project on the TDB Soft website). The music was originally composed by Thomas Detert.

Zolyx’s Game Music Monday #2: Glyn R Brown – Gordian Tomb Adventures

With a fantastic Aztec feel, it captures the feel of the game in a way that few remixes can. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as I do!

Some people say that random levels suck. I say: You’re wrong. Be a good chap / chapess and toddle off back to playing <insert console FPS here>, would you? And don’t bother arguing about it because Forget-Me-Not will kick some proper indie-fuelled sense into you every time.

Once again it was The Gnome’s Lair that enlightened me with the knowledge of this particularly sparkly treasure, and I can safely say the game’s creator nyarlu labs (also known as brandon and, on Twitter, @cucumberoneye) has played an absolute blinder with this one.


This game is nuttier than an almond nutcake with cashew and pecan topping. For an unrelated sidenote, forget about the whole game aspect, it’s great fun to just leave running in the background for amusement purposes since it provides an excellent audio accompaniment to whatever you may be typing: As I write this, I am being serenaded by a beautifully bonkers selection of 8-bit noises upon each cursor key tap and each press of the WASD keys…

But, erm, yes. Read on after the break for some words that actually pertain to the gameplay!

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I don’t know what game it is, but apparently a beta started for it yesterday or something? Could be anything, really. Has this weird logo though marked “Blitz Hard” on it… or, wait, was it “Blizzard”? Yeah, that’s the one.

The Diablo 3 Launcher

I guess with a name like that it must be a racing or driving sim of some kind. The demon-like thing in the screenshot is probably the artwork that appears on your hero’s car bonnet.

I’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any news about this completely new and hitherto unknown game as it arrives on my desk. A bit of breaking news, though – someone just told me it contains zombies! Wow! A driving game with zombies in it! What will they think of next…

(And no, don’t be silly, of course I didn’t get a key. :evil: But if you want to watch some videos while you wait for yours to arrive, I recommend this suitably hilarious playthrough courtesy of the Yogscast.)

If the start of your week isn’t going as smoothly as you’d like then perhaps this can help. Tune out for a few minutes and wrap your ears around a piece of gaming music remixed with a little modern flair. I know it’s not exactly a new concept and credit must go to those who run similar features (both past and present) – but I thought I’d dip my finger into the pie and see how long I can keep it running.

To get us kicked off I’m going to start with something that isn’t too obscure. If I say the name “Chris Hülsbeck”, you might think of The Great Giana Sisters, Apidya, or possibly R-Type – but for me personally, it’s his soundtracks for the classic run ‘n’ gun Turrican series that I think are the most awesome. Here, then, is Chris’s own Renewal mix of the main theme for Turrican II. Enjoy, and let me know what you think!

Zolyx’s Game Music Monday #1: Chris Huelsbeck – Turrican II Title (Renewal)

Credit also to ~MrDream from deviantART who created the fantastic artwork. Check out the full version and some of his other work here.

Although I have plenty of tracks to run this with over the coming months, you’re welcome to make suggestions of your own favourite remixes of gaming music – any platform will do as long as it’s reasonably “oldschool”…

Reprisal: Avenging the lack of decent god games‘Tis something of a story to explain the route I travelled to discover this and one which I will no doubt mention in a future post, but for now I simply have to share my delight at finding such a promising remake.

The Gnome’s Lair led me to Reprisal, an in-development Flash game that oozes style and promise. If, like me, you spent many a happy hour conjuring swamps, earthquakes and pillars of fire whilst directing your lemming-like followers towards crushing those of the opposing god in Populous, you’ll seriously want to check it out - hopefully a certain big company’s lawyers won’t leap at it and drag it off into some dimension of copyright hell.

Even at this early stage the gameplay is compulsive and there’s plenty of time for it to improve further. Follow its evolution through the dev blog and be sure to give the developer, Electrolyte, some support!

It was an extremely long time ago (coming up on three years, in fact) when, like a lot of other people, I first learned of Owlboy through a preview on the Indiegames blog. Although it stuck in my mind with its tremendously catchy music and pleasant, island-in-the-sky airscapes, to my shame I must admit that it only got filed into my “Follow With Vague Interest” folder instead of where it obviously should have been, the “Mash F5 On Homepage Until It Comes Out” folder.


Then, swooping through the internet with such speed and stealth that I only heard about it on a chance browse through Twitter, D-Pad Studios released a teasingly short but sweet demo a few weekends ago! Wonderful but frustrating, since I didn’t get chance to play it straight away – you can, though, by grabbing it right here. Lots of folks have since given it a shot and their views and critique have lead to the possibility that there may be a new, refined demo some time soon.

But rather than wait, I decided to go ahead and write this up anyway – how else can I preserve this blog’s true spirit of being weeks behind everyone else? :D Without any more blather, read on after the break to see how favourably the gameplay compares to the trailers.

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