Happy Easter, folks! April the first has been and gone and I had an idea for a great joke to transform the site with… but it’ll keep ’til next year, I guess ;) What definitely won’t keep that long are the last of the Assemblee reviews, so here’s another batch of four to liven up your weekend…

The King, the Queen and the Jester - brought to you by the ACME Goblin FactoryThe Little King That Could - mustering an army of paladinsThe Lonely Tower - is anyone there?The Sunset Strider - striding towards victory

The King, the Queen and the Jester by Jeferson R. Silva TIGForum thread Download King, Queen and Jester for Windows
A very stylish RPG that is best summarised as a combination of the author’s inspiration, Eye of the Beholder, with a hint of Tower of the Sorcerer. As a prisoner in the dank, dirty and generally not very pleasant underground dungeons you must escape and find out what the devil is going on. Fantastic in more ways than one, this Assemblee version is “only” a 2-level demo with a good couple of hours of playability. 90%

The Little King That Could by Linus TIGForum thread Download The Little King That Could for Windows
Your King needs YOU! Build an empire that can withstand the attacks of the evil Drows, Greenskins and other assorted nasties that want to wipe you off the face of the procedurally-generated earth. It’s not finished to the point of having an objective but is still a nice sandboxy Civilization / Roguelike combo. A rough idea of the mechanics and controls can be found here. Worthy of being developed further. 78%

The Lonely Tower by Tempel TIGForum thread Download The Lonely Tower for Windows
Plot: a boy invites a friend over to his place to play a holy awesome new game. What will transpire? In a world where most games are driven by their story, this is a story that’s driven by a game. Intelligent design and dialogue make it a short but uniquely entertaining diversion. The only real complaint is that it’s too short and sweet for its own good. 75%

The Sunset Strider by Crimsontide TIGForum thread Download The Sunset Strider for Windows
This one appears to be a Fez-like 2.5D platformer. A quite nice one, at that. Only complication is that it requires a decent joypad to play, and unfortunately my crappy gamepad couldn’t control the camera (which left me with no way to explore the world properly). Good 3D-ified use of graphics, though it could use some sound and music. Possibly brilliant and clearly well done but needs keyboard controls badly. 71%