There are only 17 Assemblee games to go! No more half measures – let’s make a push for the finish with these six new contenders! Coming up in today’s exciting episode…

  • Space Smuggler
  • SpriteGears
  • Super Treasure Ball Gasm
  • The Birth of Selthar
  • The Girl and the Shadow
  • The Journey

For such a massive batch as this I’ll see you after the jump! Oh, and another new icon at this late stage in proceedings (which I should’ve possibly added earlier) – this one Java download indicates a Java file which you may or may not be able to play on all of Windows, Linux and Mac. Have fun!

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Another mini-TAR today with just two more contenders entering the ring. Let’s see if they’re any good…

Space Penguin - ridding the universe of purple aliensSpace Short Bus - but shouldn't it be yellow?

Space Penguin by harima555 TIGForum thread Download Space Penguin for Windows
Your cute ‘n’ cuddly space penguin has run out of food on his home planet, so he jets off in search of supplies on another world. The only slight complication is that he only has 5 minutes to do his job. Watch out for the penguin-hating locals! Use your dual-purpose laser pistol to both defend yourself and vacuum up those juicy bits of fruit. Pleasant enough; above average quality but a bit short. 73%

Space Short Bus by Bob le Moche TIGForum thread Download Space Short Bus for Windows
What we have here is a mix of Space Taxi and Gravitar including some nifty tactical ship upgrades. Navigate a series of landscapes to take the students of the future safely to school by braving inclement weather and avoiding the hostile turrets that try to stop you. Why are the turrets attacking you on an everyday school run? We’ll never know, but it’s all good. An enjoyable game let down a little by rockabilly ship rotation. 77%

You might pretend to tolerate it but no-one really likes the number thirteen. I personally shun it wherever physically possible. Thus, today we have part 13a of this epic TAR saga featuring a humble two games. Better to do half a post rather than none at all, eh?

SonnenmördeR by Jph Wacheski TIGForum thread Download SonnenmördeR for Windows
Need more shmup action? Fear not! Accomplished indie Jph Wacheski has made a quite lovely entry with ZGameEditor. It shows off a variety of neato graphical effects (dynamically coloured 1-bit sprites, shaders and more). So much fun in just 59KB! This almost reminds me of a slightly less trippy and more Galaga-ish version of Spheres of Chaos. Horribly addictive – don’t miss it! 90%

Space Garden Punchonaut by Gyorgy Straub TIGForum thread Download Space Garden Punchonaut for Windows
What would you get if you combined Tetris, Columns, Puyo Puyo and… erm… any action platform game? That’s exactly right: you’d get this! Help your failed astronaut to punch marauding space vegetables into lines of 3 or more so that they’ll disappear. A unique way of playing a tried and tested classic formula. Kudos to the designer chappy for thinking it up. A little rough but nevertheless fun to play. 81%

Cripes! We’re onto the third page of Assemblee goodness! I wonder what occurs therein?

(yes, the Shine screenshot is from the TIGSource listing page… I couldn’t make one better :P )

Seasons of Change by Perrin TIGForum thread Download Seasons of Change for Windows
For the love of Ra… 74MB download?! This’d better be good! Unfortunately I wouldn’t say it’s entirely worth it, though the sentiment and idea behind it isn’t bad.  Visit three visions to prepare for a final sequence in this sombre platformer. The mini-stories are okay but the irksome jumping and buggy event handling make it less rewarding than it should be. 52%

s h i n e by Kazerad TIGForum thread Download s h i n e for Windows
Holy crap! Dark, creepy, atmospheric scary stuff here. Survival horror isn’t something that anyone else has attempted during the competition and Kazerad has managed to craft something palpably unsettling. A massive list of assets, all used in interesting and fairly unique ways, coupled with enemies that’ll freak you out… can you find the ending? Several rough edges but still very impressive. 83%

Shmuparadox by Flyweight TIGForum thread Download Shmuparadox for Windows
Can’t beat a bit of old-fashioned arcade shoot ‘em up goodness. This one takes Braid‘s time-reversing mechanic and allows you to be in two or even more places at once, as well as cheating death should you meet a grisly end at the hands of the evil invading space aliens. A pleasant way to while away a few minutes, and comes with a selection of game modes and boss fights. 77%

Snaptrix by William Broom TIGForum thread Download Snaptrix for Windows
Are you thinking Wetrix? ‘Cos I am. One minor detail: there isn’t any water, and instead you’re just trying to fit as many layers of blocks together without (a) going outside the black border and (b) leaving blocks hanging with nothing underneath them. Tricky controls don’t make this easy, and the lack of freedom in rotating pieces left me feeling frustrated rather than entertained. 54%

Hokay, let’s get this show rolling again. My most appreciative thanks for bearing with me during the past two weeks of slacking and panicking (roughly in that order). It’s TAR time once more!

Ranger by menki TIGForum thread Download Ranger for Windows
Jump into the boots of a ranger and do rangerly things like plant trees, harvest the fruit they grow and, erm, use them to kill nasty monsters. Defend the forest! ‘Cos you’re a ranger, and that’s what rangers do! Feels like a quirky combination of Rogue and Harvest Moon. Curiously enough, it seems to work. Playable but unfinished; could easily grow into something big, har har! :roll: 75%

ro9 by Crackerblocks TIGForum thread Download ro9 for Windows
Controlling one character at a time is just so 80s. Fortunately Crackerblocks is here to break the mould and give you the chance of controlling 9 (!!) adventurers simultaneously! Quite simply you job is to get as many of them “ascended” as possible, remembering that each move you make is mirrored across all nine of your heroes. A simple idea implemented really well, making brilliant use of Oryx’s first-person graphics. 84%

Roguelet by Hyperlogic TIGForum thread Download Roguelet for Intel Mac
Sadly, without a Mac, I was unable to play this one. :cry: Shame – it looks interesting…

Running Pandja by prof TIGForum thread Download Running Panda for Windows
What is this, Bleeding Obvious Name Day or something? :-D Now, this may come as a shock, so best sit down before I tell you that this game involves a panda… that can run. Just think of it as really short version of Knytt. Explaining more about it would ruin the 2 minutes of gameplay. Barring some kooky dialogue (English or Gibberish? You decide) there’s not much to see here. Way too short… but does have an editor. 41%

Things are still broken, but the blog is back at least… 8-O

I would’ve given more notice, but because of the silly terms of service of my ex-host, I wanted to move away as quickly as possible to avoid them removing the site rather than me doing it in my own time. Apparently, hosting any file bigger than 1MB was against their terms… *gasp!* So although the likelihood of them cancelling my account was small (since I’d been running with them smoothly enough for a couple of months), they were still within their rights to do so. I really didn’t want to take any chances.

Obviously I can’t predict the future and it’s still early days with this new host but, well, let’s keep our fingers crossed, eh?

UPDATE: Turns out the Millenipede Leaderboard had been broken since the first host move. Wow. I suck! :( Seems like it has some scores on it nowadays that are slightly unrealistic! I must get around to revamping it some day…