Snarf. I sense the pace is slowing! But still we press on towards the light at the end of the tunnel…

Other Observations - what horrors lurks in the island underground?Puzzle Slash - match 'em up to attack the enemyQuest! - an adventure in gameboy greenscaleRakshasas - enhance your ambidextrosity

Other Observations by PDF TIGForum thread Download Other Observations for Windows
Roguelike lovers rejoice – here’s the one entry you should play if nothing else in the competition has caught your eye! This is a smoothly executed adventure that aims to simplify the experience by streamlining your inventory management; everything you pick up is automatically equipped. Head into the dungeon as one of 7 classes as you hunt for The Betrayer, a deadly and terrible evil. A nifty effort. 79%

Puzzle Slash by Matt Pearce TIGForum thread Download Puzzle Slash for Windows
Ooooh! A match-three puzzler with a twist. Use your swapping skills to line up symbols while also walking your character forwards into combat range of the monsters in a second, smaller, viewscreen. The symbols you match will determine the effect, a bit like Puzzle Quest. Includes three themes of levels to progress onwards through. Great potential but feels rough around the edges. Worth keeping half an eye on. 70%

Quest! by Galaxy613 TIGForum thread Download Quest! for Windows
A delightfully psuedo-Gameboy romp that sees you wandering around a blocky series of landscapes in an attempt to recover an item stolen by a fearsome dragon. Has a rather fab lo-fi look to it and achieving victory is easily possible in your coffee break, though I’d have to exclaim a dubious “meh” against the slightly rough collision detection and backgrounds which make it tricky to see where the path ahead lies… 76%

Rakshasas by AttributeClash TIGForum thread Download Rakshasas for Windows
This is surely a game to test your ambidextro… ambi… er, ability to use both hands equally. As a thief who infiltrates the mage clan’s vault, you are discovered and forced to take command of two glowy balls of doom to defend yourself. One is controlled with the cursor keys and the other with WASD. Screams to be played with a friend; you’d need to be some sort of crazy person to get far playing this alone… 68%