Snarf. I sense the pace is slowing! But still we press on towards the light at the end of the tunnel…

Other Observations - what horrors lurks in the island underground?Puzzle Slash - match 'em up to attack the enemyQuest! - an adventure in gameboy greenscaleRakshasas - enhance your ambidextrosity

Other Observations by PDF TIGForum thread Download Other Observations for Windows
Roguelike lovers rejoice – here’s the one entry you should play if nothing else in the competition has caught your eye! This is a smoothly executed adventure that aims to simplify the experience by streamlining your inventory management; everything you pick up is automatically equipped. Head into the dungeon as one of 7 classes as you hunt for The Betrayer, a deadly and terrible evil. A nifty effort. 79%

Puzzle Slash by Matt Pearce TIGForum thread Download Puzzle Slash for Windows
Ooooh! A match-three puzzler with a twist. Use your swapping skills to line up symbols while also walking your character forwards into combat range of the monsters in a second, smaller, viewscreen. The symbols you match will determine the effect, a bit like Puzzle Quest. Includes three themes of levels to progress onwards through. Great potential but feels rough around the edges. Worth keeping half an eye on. 70%

Quest! by Galaxy613 TIGForum thread Download Quest! for Windows
A delightfully psuedo-Gameboy romp that sees you wandering around a blocky series of landscapes in an attempt to recover an item stolen by a fearsome dragon. Has a rather fab lo-fi look to it and achieving victory is easily possible in your coffee break, though I’d have to exclaim a dubious “meh” against the slightly rough collision detection and backgrounds which make it tricky to see where the path ahead lies… 76%

Rakshasas by AttributeClash TIGForum thread Download Rakshasas for Windows
This is surely a game to test your ambidextro… ambi… er, ability to use both hands equally. As a thief who infiltrates the mage clan’s vault, you are discovered and forced to take command of two glowy balls of doom to defend yourself. One is controlled with the cursor keys and the other with WASD. Screams to be played with a friend; you’d need to be some sort of crazy person to get far playing this alone… 68%

Aside from being a little under the weather this weekend, due to my internet provider being so fantastically naff I actually had to type this post up twice. Pfeh. :-x But you don’t want to know about any of that – let’s get on with the lushness of today’s four Assemblees, three of which you can play straight from your browser!

Mushroomer - ain't mush room in 'ere, har harMushroom Stew - slip-sliding away on the iceOh Crackers - Not Again! - fly, Lassie, fly...One pack - put that flab to some use

Mushroomer by Jotapeh TIGForum thread Play Mushroomer
Seeing the phrase “Just like a real video game!” immediately made me smile, but sadly the rest of the game couldn’t quite pull off enough to keep that smile on my face. A run and jump platformer made vaguely interesting with slidey controls and ninja rope goodness. Escape the cave before you lose all your lives or a ten minute timer expires. Competently done (nice backdrop!) and points for the rope, but a tad plain. 63%

Mushroom Stew by iarwain TIGForum thread Download Mushroom Stew for Windows Download Mushroom Stew for Intel Mac Download Mushroom Stew for Linux
Wahey, more mushrooms! You can never have enough mushrooms, folks. In this case you have to blast through a story of confusion and deception to find out why your mushroom buddies are suddenly trying to kill you. Use your crouching and time-bending skills to reach the end. Technically very good with several tricks used to enliven the graphics – sharp gameplay too, if a tad repetitive. Even has a level editor! 77%

Oh Crackers, Not Again! by The Greenest Banana TIGForum thread Play Oh Crackers, Not Again!
In a spicy, tangy twist to normality, here you have to protect a helpless little girl as she tries to get back home following a path which is infested with monsters. You take the part of her faithful and happily indestructible hound who can jump on enemies’ heads to stop them from being such a nuisance. A charming Flash effort but quite challenging even on the easiest difficulty. Needs more levels but still a great effort. 78%

One Pack by MrRoboman TIGForum thread Play One Pack
Being a toned ace space pilot is all very well but it’s oh-so-easy to pile on the pounds in your retirement. Such is the problem Ace Fatman now faces in his quest for… okay, I have no idea what his quest is, since this game is one for the “unfinished” pile. But it’s enough to raise a guffaw at the creative use of assets. Multi-purpose flab, anyone? Throw a can or three of polish at this and it could have an entertaining future! 52%

Just hours ago, an entire corner of EVE‘s universe was plunged into confusion when GoonSwarm – a dominant force for several years and one of the game’s longest standing alliances – started disbanding. Judging by the frenzied activity on the game’s official corp and alliance EVE Corporation, Alliance and Organisation discussion forum discussion forum, it seems they have now dissolved completely and will not be returning.

GoonSwarm were founded by members of the Something Awful community and achieved notoriety for being one of the least restrictive groups to inhabit the outer reaches of space, operating under the philosophy that anyone, regardless of skill, should be able to get a taste of what life can be like in 0.0 territory. Their sudden departure from the region leaves a massive vacuum that may well trigger a widescale conflict for control of valuable resources.

No official explanation has yet been given for why the alliance has broken up in this way, but whatever the reason, it’s definitely a pivotal moment in EVE‘s history.

A really, really quick post. Just to say:

Last chance to cast your votes for Assemblee part 2! Go for it!

I said before, but just to confirm it: thought the voting may end tomorrow, the reviews of remaining entrants I haven’t covered yet will continue, so it’s still going to be busy here over the next week or two! :-D

Since there are only a couple of days left until the Assemblee voting closes there’s one particular entry I really think you should play. I wouldn’t have reached it within vote-time had I not skipped ahead a little – that’s my excuse, anyway! Anyhow, it’s time to venture into the…

Realm of the Mad God by Wild Shadow Studios TIGForum thread Wild Shadow Studios forum Play Realm of the Mad God
In the most literal sense of the phrase, I can’t help but believe that the duo behind RotMG have created a monster. More than just one, in fact; we’re talking tens of thousands of the blighters, each one of them alive with primitive sentience and ready to kill you as soon as they set their pixelly eyes upon your feeble mortal frame. Even if you win victory against even a split fraction of their legions and claim the shiny loot they carry, more will come, until eventually they will fulfil their master’s wish: to kill and eat you. :twisted:

Realm of the Mad God - interrupting a party of the gods is a bad ideaRealm of the Mad God - someone call GhostbustersRealm of the Mad God - alas, poor Oryx, I knew him well

The Mad God’s realm is a multiplayer Flash RPG where you explore a massive map and kill things with swords and sorcery depending on which of the four basic classes you pick. So far, so yawn-worthy, you may be thinking. But soon you will find yourself succumbing to the fiendishly addictive nature of the beast. Combat is fast and fluid and grouping with other players during your travels is silky-smooth. No party invites – just wander close by and you’ll start to share XP fairly. Roguelike-style permadeath actually encourages and rewards such cooperation between players. And finally, when you’ve defeated enough of the horde, alone or with friends, Oryx the Mad God himself comes out to play for a grand finale!

Yes, it has flaws – starting out can be tough, on occasions it’s a bit tricky to find monsters that aren’t stupidly easy or frighteningly hard, and the chatbox gets cluttered quickly when it’s busy. Some may feel the gameplay just doesn’t have enough depth. But me personally? I think there’s something fundamentally, undeniably fun here – and surely, for any game, that’s all you need to worry about.

That, and being killed and eaten, of course… 93%

Thanks to Captain_404 on the TIGForum and the Wild Shadow team for some of the screenshots!

A site I recently came across through one of Distractionware Terry Cavanagh‘s tweets is RPGDX RPGDX, a community dedicated to indie RPGs. Do not be deceived by its apparent lack of daily updates, for there is more going on here than first meets the eye!

Upon their forums, interestingly enough, is a maybe-perhaps competition that may – perhaps! – be happening through this fine month of February. Its theme is “Finish an RPG project you’ve abandoned”.

If this is something you like the sound of, RPGDX Forums - February Contest? hop on over there and present yourself!