You might want to go grab yourself a cup of tea to sip on while you read today’s epic collection – I surely consumed a few myself while putting this random tangle of words together… :roll:

Today we have:

  • Have Adventures
  • Higher Still
  • Hubris Quest Online
  • Labyrinth
  • Led’s Get Shooting
  • Mechwar (Battle for Narita)
  • Mr. Kitty’s Quest
  • Mulder’s Totally Bogus (Rabbit) Journey

Off we go, then!

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No need for faffing about. You know the routine by now, surely! Here’s another four entries for your inspection…

Free Dee - beware the transdimensional veggies...Goblin Treasure - don't get fried by eyebeamsGoblin Treasure - don't get fried by eyebeamsGuyman Hero - ridiculously hard, bizarrely fun

Free Dee by LemonScented TIGForum thread Download Free Dee for Windows
Entitled using a cunning “pune”, or play on words, this one gets bonus points for supporting those cutting edge owners of bonafidy 3D goggles! Normal visuals are also available but that sort of defeats the object. :) The game itself involves using the incredible powers of transdimensional vegetables to defeat the Lizardoid menace and protect your home village. Switch platforms between 3 layers in order to solve the puzzles and get through each level to the exit. Short ‘n’ sweet. 71%

Goblin Treasure by Reiss TIGForum thread Play Goblin Treasure
Tsk. You’d think that if a treasure box had been cursed so badly that it could eventually bring its surroundings into ruin, people would learn enough to leave the bloody thing alone. But ohh no. Those crazy adventurers have to go and try and dig it up… but, ahem, anyway. Make your way through a random maze of rooms in your hunt for the fabled box o’ treasure. Fight minibosses with both sword and arrows. Open doors locked by pressure plates. Find the box! Nicely polished but could use more variety. 75%

Great Dungeon in the Sky by Lord Tim TIGForum thread Play Great Dungeon in the Sky
Adventure through a giant floating rock in an attempt to kill the ultimate epic boss of doom protected by his four dragon pets. This game reminds me of Pixelships homepage Pixelships except with a fantasy theme, and that can only be a good thing. With some balancing and some different level environments I could see it becoming a very interesting project indeed. Buggy but great potential! 82%

Guyman Hero by feeblethemighty TIGForum thread Download Guyman Hero for Windows
A veritably multicoloured retro adventure! Clever use of artwork means a distinct look from most other Assemblee entries so far, but in terms of gameplay, you should be warned: this platformer is so hard you could cut diamonds with it! Yet despite the frustration (or because of it, whichever fits you best), the experience is hard to put down. Looking forward to see a future expansion of this. 77%

Inevitability STRIKES! :D

Okay, so the TARs will still be a regular feature, but there’s no possible way in any existing universe that I’ll finish all of the reviews before the voting period closes as I was first aiming for. Does this matter? I suppose it does and it doesn’t. In the incredibly remote likelihood that you were reading these reviews to decide what games to vote for, then yeah, it’s a bummer. But otherwise there’s no hard feelings, right? 8-)

The weekend should see at least a dozen more entries get cross-examined in the virtual witness box, then back to the three or four at a time at various points during the week until they’re all done later in February.

Hello there and welcome back to another spifftastic batch of Assemblee hopefuls! Only three tonight – sorry, but for some reason I think I’m already starting to suffer from review burnout. Don’t worry, though… I’m not giving up yet! :lol:

Dungeons of Fayte by pulsemeat TIGForum thread Download Dungeons of Fayte for Windows
My favourite Assemblee game so far. A relatively large adventure that supports up to 4 players in co-operative monster bashing. Superb mix of RPG ideas, and would be even more fantastic if it were playable via the net – but still great even if played solo. Fight against the Bone Lord by training in the village and embarking upon the occasional dungeon crawl. Can you prepare yourself in time?… 90%

Extreme Turbo Dungeon by Inzaniak TIGForum thread Download Extreme Turbo Dungeon for Windows
In the words of the author: “It is extreme because there are a lot of enemies, turbo because it’s fast and dungeon because there are fantasy creatures.” Can’t say fairer than that! It’s a scrolling shoot ‘em up that is actually quite addictive. Earns points for achievements, unlockables and wacky powerups. Loses points for low difficulty, sluggish controls and bouncy screen edges. 66%

FlxAdventure by SeiferTim TIGForum thread Play FlxAdventure
Take a stroll around your village and the evil lair of ultimate nastiness that lurks below, all the while fighting off baddies left right and centre. Monsters move in real time when you are not engaged in combat, which is turn-based. Good quality evident throughout, though this is another game that’s a tad on the easy side, and sound is sorely missing. A worthwhile play nevertheless. 78%

Right, I’m going to have to pick up the pace a little since we’re running behind schedule. Badly, in fact. Today makes it 19 games down, so only another 54 to go – over seven days, that means eight a day. 8-O Haha! It’s all going pear-shaped, I tell ya! But enough of that. Onwards and sidewards into section D we go, and it’s quite a selection that awaits us…

Darker Than Your Soul - and in my case, that's pretty darkDEBT - Bowser called, he wants his spinning fireballs backDog and Bone are Friends - but does Dog have an ulterior motive?Dot Dot Dot - I don't know, you tell me...

Darker Than Your Soul by KissMaj7 TIGForum thread Download Darker Than Your Soul for Windows
Explaining the story too much would be a spoiler since this game is so short, but suffice to say that you play the part of a mighty warrior who is sent upon a quest. Try it and be surprised! DTYS is a lo-fi throwback to the classic RPGs of old like Dungeon Master with a first-person view of the dungeon and real-time combat. Points lost for being far too short (I wanted more!) and poor monster AI (they won’t chase you around corners). 72%

DEBT by floatstarpx TIGForum thread Download DEBT for Windows
Intergalactic traveller Owen has fallen upon hard times. Help him to eradicate his debt by platforming your way through 3 distinct planets to collect all of the valuable goodies within. I like the mix of 2D and 3D effects, and the game itself is quite addictive as you hurry around grabbing loot. Forces you to think tactically on a short game – figuring out which planet you can scavenge the most from is key if you’re going for the world’s best online highscore. 75%

Dog and Bone are Friends by Jake Elliott TIGForum thread Play Dog and Bone are Friends
A very pleasant Flash puzzle game. Help Dog and Bone get around various obstacles so that they can meet up and play together. As you might expect, both characters have unique abilities: Bone – who doesn’t like birds – can climb ladders and use magic statues to rearrange the landscape, while Dog can jump around and bark to scare birds away if he’s close enough. Level design may seem too easy, but you’ll be playing through them again with added challenges later! 79%

Dot Dot Dot by Noyb TIGForum thread Download Dot Dot Dot for Windows
Ah, now here we have something quite shallow, and yet at the same time, very deep! Tell me, are you a philosophical gamer? Do you like analysing true meaning and the exact nature of whatever the deuce you’re doing? Find out! Take part in a short series of minigames and decide for yourself whether there is some greater purpose. The style is actually quite good, and while I would normally dismiss a “game” like this, I found myself smiling at the end. Bonus points for cat usage! 68%

Crivens! Time to start (and finish) blazing a path through section C, but today, you’ll have to click past the jump to see the details – after I failed to post the third part yesterday, there’s now a whole seven games to cover in this installment! 8-O

Another new thing is that if a game isn’t downloadable, you can play it straight through you browser instead by clicking the icon. Ah, the wonders of Flash…

Covered today we have:

  • Cave Explorer: to the right!
  • Charles Babbage and the Difference Engine
  • Chase Goose
  • COIN
  • Coin Hunt
  • Cosmic Unleasher
  • Cowgirl and the Mushroom Men Genocide

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Oh boy! As we keep cracking along down the alphabet we find some real humdingers filed under “B”.

One thing I forgot to mention in the first TAR post is that the download links will point you to the final competition version of the games – bear in mind there may also be further updated downloads! For the most recent links be sure to check the TIGForum threads.

Anyhow, this installment should be a good one, so let’s not hang around any longer. Here they come…

Bang Bang Roguelution - not psychedelic at all, honestBirdyWorld - a Zelda Construction Kit with no triforce in sightBitworld - two and half smooth dimensions of retro RoguelikenessBoulder Dodge - hmm, what did I have to do here again?

Bang Bang Roguelution by Sos TIGForum thread Download Bang Bang Roguelution for Windows
Holy macaroni, it’s a thinly veiled clone of Dance Dance Revolution complete with hordes of retro sprites! Get ready to mash your keyboard like there’s no tomorrow and maybe, just maybe, you can bag yourself a highscore. Includes 23 blippy tunes to savour the madness with. Steer clear of this one if you are prone to seizures, but otherwise get in there and have a laugh! 71%

BirdyWorld by Logan Ames TIGForum thread Download BirdyWorld for Windows
Billed as a “collaborative Zelda“, this has to be one of the competition’s star entries. Explore a world that has been created by other players (that includes the monsters and dungeons, too) and expand the world yourself as you go! A cool concept indeed. It’s let down by the lack of any sound or music, but the gameplay is horribly addictive despite the lack of clear objectives… 83%

Bitworld by Ivan Safrin TIGForum thread Download Bitworld for Windows Download Bitworld for Intel Mac
Imaginative use of 2.5D makes this another strong challenger for an Assemblee victory. It’s a Roguelike dungeon romp where you take either a knight, wizzard (sic) or archer into ye olde dwarven fortress in order to defeat the stompy red demon of doom which has invaded the place. Very, very smoothly done. Switching between axiseses is fun! 86%

I couldn’t get this to work, so I’ll return to it later in TAR when I’ve had chance to find out why it hates me :(

Boulder Dodge by EzekielKnight TIGForum thread Download Boulder Dodge for Windows
A single-screen time attack where you must keep the counter running for as long as possible while picking up gems and multipliers to increase your score. And, weirdly enough, there are these boulder thingies which you have to… erm… give me a minute… dodge, that was it, dodge! Or they’ll bash you on the head and make you lose, and stuff. Nothing special – good, simple fun for a few minutes. 59%

One of the Guild Wars 2 homepage Guild Wars 2 developers recently chimed in on a Guild Wars 2 Guru Forum - Footsteps and Sounds forum thread dicussing the sound effects of the game. They went into the details of exactly how they’re going about the job, and revealed that several effects such as footsteps and armor noise are generated procedurally. If you play with sound enabled (especially if you use headphones a lot like me), one of the things that can break the immersion of a game is listening to the same two or three footstep sounds over and over and over again… so it’s good to know that GW2 hopefully won’t have this problem!

They also linked to a selection of photos capturing their sound-recording men in the field. They look like they’re having a great time – I’d love to have their job… :)

For more Guild Wars 2 news, check out its Guild Wars 2 news website.