They’re not everyone’s cup of Earl Grey, but Roguelikes are still a defining part of text-based gaming. Lately, master and apprentice Roguelike developers alike have rolled up their sleeves, focused the volatile energies of the RNG and coded like there’s no tomorrow for a whole seven days – at the end, some of them even made a game that’s winnable!

Yep, the annual 7DRL week has been and gone without a lot of hype, yet it’s been the most successful yet with a total of 45 entrants – 25 of which are actually complete enough to “win”. It’s possible that some of these will go on to be developed further and might even end up amongst the famous names of ADOM, Angband and Nethack.

7DRL '09: Persist7DRL '09: Underbooks7DRL '09: DungeonMinder

I’ve played but a scarce few of what’s on offer. Here’s a brief selection:

  • Persist [link, pictured left] – how long can you stay alive? Watch out for the falling trees, unhealthy water and various other threats.
  • Underbooks [link, pictured middle] – a realtime book-hunting adventure. Pretty, but needs a lot of luck to get started with.
  • DungeonMinder [link, pictured right] – play a guardian spirit and help the hapless adventurer gain victory. My personal favourite so far – nicely polished and playable!

More to come tomorrow, but if you’re impatient, check out the full list of entries over on the Rogue Temple forums.

4 comments on '2009′s 7DRL week, part 1'

  1. Posted by Mauft - March 18th, 2009 11:03 pm

    Before even reading the post, as soon as I saw “7DRL” I knew – that’s what I’ve been waiting for! :D

    Too bad it is 22:53 now, and I have to go to sleep right away… And darn, tomorrow my new Yamaha keyboard is going to be brought, deployed and overused so I won’t have time to play any of it…

    But when I get to, I am sure I will have lots of fun playing them on my pad ^^. (Yes, actually, I DID find a way to play RLs on pad really easily

    It’s a good thing that they managed to get so many games participating though. I am always craving for more rogue-likes. I wish someone took over the IVAN project, because I really loved that one. Especially when once I met my own ghost in the dungeon :D .

  2. Posted by Chris - March 19th, 2009 5:00 pm

    Oooh, new shinies to play with eh? Excellent! Have fun :grin:

    Yes, I too miss updates to IVAN. Always possible to die in some very horrible (and funny) ways in that game…

    Playing roguelikes with a pad? :shock: That’s… a novel concept! :mrgreen:

  3. Posted by Mauft - March 19th, 2009 7:02 pm

    Keyboard arrival was postponed until tomorrow’s early afternoon, but thanks to that I have some time to check the RLs… Though most of those which I tried didn’t work. One is probable Win 7 incompatibility (with Whispers in the Void), and other is no Java installed… yet.

    Speaking of Java, and IVAN, it reminded me that Jade had no updates last few months, even though it seemed that the author finally got to do some regular updates. As for IVAN, I always liked losing hand or leg… It was funny challenge, especially on the boss level – for how many turns can I stay alive? :D

    Yes, actually. The thing is that first you hold the direction you want to move on the cross, and then you hit the appropriate button. I used it to play CheeseRL, because it is really unhandy to play it on Notebook keyboard. But the idea is as old as I heard someone saying back in 2006 on DROD forums, that it is impossible to port it to any console. I use GlovePIE to do it. If you want, I can send you code which should be pretty stable to play most Numpad controlled RLs, though it is far more convenient to use Numpad of course. Though, game like DROD which has only a couple of keys is easy to map :) . I was actually planning to make some kind of “Ultimate DROD on Joypad” script for GlovePIE, but haven’t yet managed to get around and do it.

  4. Posted by Games » Blog Archive » Freeware Game Pick: DungeonMinder (Adam Gatt) - March 20th, 2009 3:12 am

    [...] DungeonMinder is actually one of the more innovative games to come out of the recent 7DRL challenge, but a bug that causes the hero to stop moving after opening a random treasure chest is the only reason preventing this roguelike from getting on the recommended list. (source: [...]

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