Straight from the keyboard of Tim W, the Blog has announced its top 10 indie games of 2009. There are a few notable titles missing from it (Captain Forever [link], to name but one) although it’s otherwise a pretty fair representation of the year’s releases.

I won’t spoil things by posting the link here – check out the actual post for yourself! :)

You don’t see a lot of high-quality free tilesets for games, so when a new one comes along it’s worth shouting about. But because of the creative powerhouse that is the TIGSource community, their most recent competition – Assemblee – has given us not one but two impressive lo-fi tilesets that are perfect for Roguelikes and any other tile-based creation you may be working on.

Oddball started things off with an impressive 8×8 pixel suite including a font and many fantasy characters and monsters, then oryx chipped in with an expanded variation including a brilliant first-person dungeon tileset and more terrain and environment tiles. Both are a great foundation to work with, and easily expandable with anything you want to add yourself.

Check them out here:

There are already some playable Roguelike games using these tiles, too – some folks sure work hard! There’s a handy list of titles on this post at Temple of the Roguelike, and of course you can also keep track of developing projects for the second stage of Assemblee on the TIGForums. Definitely worth keeping an eye on – loads of entries so far!

Originally known as Project Q when it was first brought into the public domain some months ago, Nifflas today released Saira [link], his latest complete game and his first venture into shareware. And a fine piece of work it is, too!

After my recent verbal wranglings regarding Cave Story for the Wii, a few people seemed to have the impression that I was beating Mr. Nygren up – this most certainly wasn’t what I intended to convey. In any case, as a big fan of his, I’d like to offer my congratulations. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed all of the game I’ve played through so far; it has all the trademark features you’ve come to expect but with several marked differences and additions when compared to its most obvious cousins, the Knytt games. It’s absolutely worth playing – expect to be completely absorbed! Try the demo and tell me it isn’t so… ;)

Saira - adventuring in a chilly snowscape

To celebrate the occasion and spread some early holiday cheer, I’m giving you the chance to win a free copy of Saira! For details of how you could start exploring the full world of Nifflas’ newest creation, keep reading after the break…

[A winner has been picked and the contest is over. Thanks for your comments!]

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ArenaNet have released another trailer for Guild Wars 2, and this time it shows off a few tasty clips of what seem to be in-game combat. Without too many more words, check it out here!

Guild Wars 2: An Asuran and her golem

The more I see of the diminutive Asurans, the more I’m convinced that’ll be the race I’ll start out with. A friend of mine in work considers them to be “vicious, pointy-teeth midgets with a serious attitude problem” – ha, but he’s so wrong! They’re a bit prickly on the outside, I’ll admit that, but if I were the only one able to build dirty great stompy war golems to sort my problems out for me, I’d probably rub that in other people’s faces too. And what’s wrong with a nice toothy smile from time to time? :roll:

Anyhow, seriously, it’s a very cool trailer, and Jeremy Soule‘s superb music complements it perfectly. Watch it now! And if you can’t get enough, you might want to read’s analysis for some extra commentary.

There aren’t a lot of MMOs that I’m following at the moment (apart from an occasional glance at Aion and feverish anticipation of Guild Wars 2) – but this caught my eye.

EVE Online: DominionIt seems that today is the day when the Dominion expansion for EVE is released, laying the groundwork for a most ambitious vision of player-controlled territories that include both the vast reaches of space and the planets that lay within. What I find interesting is how CCP plan to merge their future title Dust 514 – a first-person shooter / MMO hybrid game for consoles – into an existing online universe in such a way that actions taken in either game will affect the shared environment.

While the reality of this grand design is still a long way away, Dominion’s feature list should keep new and old players alike busy – it boasts a complete overhaul of the way players can control and influence star systems, gorgeous procedurally-generated graphics for planet surfaces, further improvement to the New Player Experience (that’s the in-game tutorial to you and me), and epic mission arcs for pirate factions. Should any of this tickle your fancy, check out the expansion’s homepage.