I snatched up Madballs in… Babo: Invasion [link] yesterday in Steam’s holiday sale and had a ton of fun in the multiplayer. I’ve been racking my brains trying to remember exactly which game it reminded me of, then it struck me like a swarm of rockets – the ol’ classic BaboViolent [link], of course! It’d been ages since I played it after someone recommended it to me several years ago. I think I spent about a week in there before I went back to whatever it was I had been getting up to previously, so it didn’t really stick in my mind…

Which, in a round about way, brought me to thinking: “Hey, I wonder how many of today’s Modern Warfare 2 players would know about the real online games of the past decade that sparked everything off?” Probably not a whole lot. So I reckon it’d be nice to go back and cover some of the best oldschool 2D multiplayer games – some that time caught up with, and others that are still going strong.

The Online Oldschool - 15 years of retro multiplayer mastery

As a series of posts I won’t say they’ll be done overnight – I want to at least try and be concise with the content for each game, and knowing how lazy / easily distracted / generally slow I am, it could take a while. Still, I’ll try to keep prodding myself in the direction of getting them done. :-P

If you think you have some interesting information, historical or otherwise, about any of these games, I’d love to hear it, so feel free to post a comment here or contact me with your thoughts. Watch this space!

I’m a little bit vexed. In fact, stuff that – I’m downright cross.

Aside from having a rather irksome finish to my day at work (for which I can only be grateful that today is Friday), I’m once again disappointed upon checking today’s WiiWare releases.

I’m sure Dragon Master Spell Caster is entertaining enough, just as Copter Crisis may also be fun. And since I’m currently playing through Pokémon Pearl on my DS (what an admission to make!), last week’s Pokémon Rumble did actually tickle my interest a tiny bit.

But there’s a simple, hard fact. None of those games are the ones I want to see. Yep… it’s time for a rant about the continued lack of a solid release date for Wii Cave Story. And other related stuff, like Saira [link], Nifflas‘ promising new game.

I’m sure I’ll end up sounding like an impatient fanboy who’s just angry that a game he wants still isn’t out, but that’s tough luck. My spleen needs venting. :evil:

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You can’t really argue with a name like Gratuitous Space Battles, can you? It shouts “Hey, look at me!” down your ear like a drill sergeant yelling at a soldier who isn’t standing up straight. It sums up just about everything that’s great about it in three perfect words. You fight battles against your many enemies. In space. And the confrontations are indeed extremely gratuitous…

Gratuitous Space Battles - the main menuGratuitous Space Battles - designing a cruiserGratuitous Space Battles - man down!

Positech Games have masterfully concentrated the most entertaining bits of space games over the years: massive capital ships flinging gigantic lazor beams at each other with swarms of fighters dodging between them, and the ability to design and arrange those ships so that they might inflict the maximum amount of superheated plasma death upon the enemy before they bite the dust. In a glorious lightshow of kersplosions, of course.

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