Another day, another couple of indie titles that may pique your curiosity!

OsmosOsmos [link], released a few months ago by Hemisphere Games, is something I failed miserably to mention at the time. Continuing the trend of ambient chillout games with which you can switch your brain off for a while, this one features a nifty absorb ‘em up gameplay mechanic with plenty of interesting twists to keep your attention. Drift around a fluid playfield filled with various sizes of cellular blobs and complete set objectives, such as absorbing a specific cell or simply becoming the biggest in the pool. Though it starts out easy, you’ll soon find yourself needing quite a bit of dexterity and fast thinking, especially if you want to unlock the endgame achievements. A snip at $10, I’d say, and there’s a demo for you to try first if you like.

AI WarNow, a confession – I’ve not sat down and given AI War: Fleet Command [link] an awful lot of my time, but I still want to give you the heads-up on it because Arcen Games seem to have a sleeper hit on their hands. The main thing to say is that despite being an RTS, AI War includes bits of 4X and even turn-based strategy, with the main draw being an extremely competent AI opponent (which you fight either solo or in co-op multiplayer). Attempting to control every single bit of the map will end in tears quickly, because the enemy’s “Threat” rating will increase as you destroy its ships and perform certain other actions, eventually reaching a stage where its onslaught becomes too great for you to counter; considered, surgical strikes are what you’ll need to win. If campaigns spanning many hours sound like your type of fun, give the demo a spin.