Tyrone Rodriguez and Nicklas Nygren, the indie duo known as Nicalis, were interviewed by Nintendo Life a couple of days ago about their progress with Night Game. Alas, it sounds like there’s still a bit of a wait ahead for those of us who are interested in getting our hands on the ambient roll ‘em up that’ll be out first on WiiWare.

Nicalis logoTo quote Tyrone: “The audio and most of the design is complete for the game. It should be a few months before we give an estimated date of completion.”

Arf. Still, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait.

And while I’m on the subject of Nicalis, there’s the recent blockbuster news that they’re also working on a Wii remix of La Mulana featuring downloadable content and additional game modes. Now, although I hate to be a dealer in doom and gloom, at this point I can’t help but be a little concerned at the pressure they’re putting on themselves. Have they bitten off too much?

Let’s face it – Cave Story and La Mulana are two of the most cult indie games of the past five years. Taking on one title alone was a brave move; to do both is treading the fine line between unwavering courage and downright foolishness. Should the worst happen and Nicalis somehow gets it wrong, a lot of people are going to be disappointed, and prospects for their future projects would be dim indeed.


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