It seems to be a tradition here in the UK to use bank holidays in order to get rid of all those DIY jobs you’ve been meaning to do for ages… so, in recognition of this, I’m not going to do anything constructive whatsoever! :P Alright, well, maybe a bit. My recent obsession with Minecraft has stolen time away from stuff I really should be sorting out. There’s a whole slew of other recent indie games that I want to talk about, not to mention some coding that I’ve been neglecting for way too long.

As you possibly noticed by the lack of the announcement, submissions for the Poing! PC community level pack are now closed. I’m moving the estimated release date back a week to somewhere around the first weekend in June. When it does arrive, though, you can look forward to at least two new levelsets with new graphics and a new “pastel” brickset to use in your own levels if you wish. I’m resisting the temptation to do a full visual makeover of the game because, honestly, with no access to the code in order to fix its long-standing bugs, that would be wasteful. It’s an old game and I think from this point it needs to grow old gracefully :)

Yeah. Any more work I do on a Poing-style game would be better spent on making a sequel… and sorry Poing fans, but no – that’s not a hint at a future project. Not for this year, at any rate! :D

The Minecraft Museum

The Minecraft Museum is a new page dedicated to screenshots of Minecraft [link], preserved on the interwebs for eternity. When the game gets uber shiny it’ll be fun to look back and say “Whoa, is that all there was?”. I’ll be trawling through various forum threads (and IRC) to refine and bulk it up later, if I get time.

I didn’t immediately take much notice of Minecraft [links: homepage / dev blog] after seeing it get a mention on Indiegames, but on a closer second look, this sandbox game from Markus Persson has the potential to be freaking awesome. Indeed, it already is! Don’t let the simple blockiness fool you. Embrace your inner cube… after all, you loved it when you played Wolfenstein 3D as a kid, didn’t you? ;)

A few hours passed after I first loaded the game up, and this was the result of its instant throat-grabbing effect. (Oh, and thanks to Markus for using it on the Minecraft homepage, even if only for a lil’ while!)

So, yes. Minecraft is just so amazingly uber that I invite you – for the first time in the history of this blog – to check out more information after the split. There’s more screenshots and everything! :D

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MEEP! Well, that went well!

I’d like to thank whoever was responsible for removing all of my uploaded WordPress images; it was a nice test of my backup system. Fortunately, it did its job quite well ;) Anyhow, as you can see, everything is back to normal. Happy days!

On to more important matters: I am aiming to release the Poing! PC community level pack by the end of the month, but regular readers will be painfully aware of my awful track record in accurately predicting release dates :D I honestly can’t remember what date I extended the submission deadline to, but I’ll be closing it for good next weekend (the 23rd or 24th, depending on how eager I feel). Are you ready for some serious slippage? I know I am…


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It turns out that the reason all the in-post images aren’t here any more is because they’ve disappeared from the webspace. No worries! They’ll be back soon enough, but first of all I want to ensure that a similar thing doesn’t happen again so I’m taking some time to examine a few things first.

Meantime, the blankness will have to continue. Sorry folks…

EDIT: The project pages now have their images back. I’ll work on putting everything else up tomorrow.

Awww man. That’s just my luck. I couldn’t show my face around here until I finally put together a few more screenshots of the upcoming new Poing! PC levels – and now, when they’re actually ready to post, weird stuff happens. Bloody typical. I won’t stand for it, I tell you! Someone will pay!! :-x

Poing! PC - A Summer Day by JamesPoing! PC - Blue and White by ChrisPoing! PC - Ha ha! by Maurice

So, anyhows, I have no idea why the in-post images (EDIT: make that any post or page image except the three above) aren’t loading up at the moment. I’m going to hope that the problem goes away by itself, and will cross my fingers that these wonderful teasers are visible to you all… if not, I will investigate using my trusty sledgehammer at some point tomorrow. Bah.