The TF2 Scout update is upon us. Let the stunbatting commence!

Scouts - the scourge of Heavies everywhere...

To celebrate, those nice people at Valve are selling Team Fortress 2 for 50% off the usual price until Friday. £7 for this cracking game is a superb deal, so make the most of it! Expect some pictures of Scout-based carnage to pop up soon :lol:

Ooooh. Mysterious!As you might have guessed from my lack of posts over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been quite busy with this “other writing” which I mentioned a little while back. What on earth could I mean? Will you get to see any of it? Does it somehow involve marmots? Who knows. I’m not really at liberty to say anything more about it, except… what has been forgotten will soon be remembered. Yeah, that’s really helpful, innit? Wait and see… ‘cos there isn’t long to wait :)

It does mean that I’ve put Dalyn’s Quill on the backburner for a short while, but I’ll be getting back to it soon. I was also on the verge of releasing another on-the-fly Socoder Weekly Workshop entry called Greenway’s Gauntlet… I’ll leave it as a prototype for now but I do want to upload the wonderfully hackish code when time permits.

Meh, now I’ve mentioned it, take a look at this screenshot illustrating its full rubbishness (not recommended for people who dislike the colour green):

Ohnoes! It's full of green!!

Ohnoes! It's full of green!!

Guess when I put it up, I could shove Pick ‘n’ Mix online too, which was another really quick and dirty project I did for Socoder a while back. So much to do, yet so little time!

Alright! Here’s the email address for you to send in your marvellous Poing level creations:

I’m really looking forward to seeing what you come up with! 8-)

This “competition” (which isn’t really a competition at all) will run until noon on the 31st of March. It may get extended a little, but hopefully by this summer we’ll see some cracking new levelsets to play through.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – should you at any time have found yourself savouring the unique bat ‘n’ ball delights of Poing! PC, please read on!

Poing! PC needs YOU!

Do the included board sets frustrate you? Think you can come up with some decent new levels for the game? Now is your chance to strike a great, blocky blow of justice for all the Poing players of the world! :mrgreen:

What I would like you to do is really quite simple – create some brilliant new Poing levels for everyone to enjoy! They don’t have to be fancy, and you needn’t even worry about boring things like assigning points values or setting up brick groups – doing so would be very helpful, of course, but no worries if you don’t. All I need for your work to be considered is a basic level layout.

Once your masterpieces are ready, send them via email to:

Just as soon as enough suitable levels have been collected, I’ll tack them together into levelsets and post them for download on the Poing! PC homepage. Alas, I cannot offer anything for your work except the satisfaction of seeing your levels in the official Poing download, but everyone who has their levels used will be fully credited on the website and in the readme file.

Thanks in advance for anything you submit. Happy Poinging! :mrgreen:

Could the scout *really* have ended up looking like this?

Could the scout *really* have ended up looking like this?

Now that Valve has released Left 4 Dead they can finally get on with doing something far more entertaining, like sorting out another class update for Team Fortress 2!

According to the TF2 blog, the Scout will be the next class to get a revamp later this week. This means that maps everywhere will be swarming with them. Although I may be one of the double-jumping horde for just a short while, I can also see myself filling up on some of the more obscure Pyro and Heavy achievements while there are so many squishy targets around…

Either way, it should be fun :D Hopefully there’ll be more community maps too, although it’ll take a lot to shift me away from the perennial CTF favourite 2Fort and the crazy control point madness of Lazytown!