Ropor has already had a bit of coverage as it’s been available since before the competition entries were officially unleashed onto all of the interwebs. Still, for such a cracking game, too much hype can’t possibly be a bad thing, so let’s zerg forth with today’s Roundup! It comes courtesy of Tom Beaumont – his debut retro release as far as I’m aware – and if this is a good indication of his standard of work then I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.

Ropor - the main menuRopor - swing that rope, baby!Ropor - mmmmm... pineapples

The objective sounds simple. Doesn’t it always, though? Swing your robot around the various rope points on each level to collect various pieces of fruit, then leave through the warp gate which appears. Now for the catch: the swing points and fruits are usually some inconvenient distance apart, so just hanging around will get you nowhere. To progress you’ll have to use the inertia of your swings to throw yourself in the right direction and hope you got the trajectory right to either pick the fruit up or latch on to another swing point. Plenty of things can go wrong – hitting a laser wall or falling out of the bottom of the play area will both cause you to lose a life, and on later levels some of the swing points will only let your robotic hero latch on to them for a matter of seconds before disappearing, leaving you with a sudden sinking feeling as gravity does its worst.

Because Ropor was entered into the Game for Helen category of the Retro Remakes competition there’s a wide selection of options to make it playable for folks of any skill level. The controls are “one switch”, meaning you need only use one key or button to play, so that’s a doddle – there’s a selection of levels across all difficulty levels, too, and it’s even possible to reduce the speed of the game if you find it too fast, or to show helpful information about what trajectory you will take after letting go of a swing point. My only constructive criticism is a lack of music, but in the scale of things that’s hardly a big deal.

I’m certain that this entry will win some prizes, at the very least for being a judge’s pick. It’s my favourite out of all the games I’ve tried so far – I highly recommend you give it a go, too!

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