Although the coding has been fun, it’s also been really nice not to have Millenipede-related problems or ideas nagging at the back of my mind for the past couple of weeks! :D There’s a never a “perfect” game and I can still think of other things to add, but I think it’s okay to call Millenipede done (barring future bugfixes, of course).

So now it’s time to think that dreaded question… what next?

I’ve pretty much already decided! The project I have in mind should be quite short but at the same time big enough to seem satisfying. Most of the important coding is already done; it just needs to be repackaged a little.

What I have in mind is Dalyn’s Quill, a re-release of the old map editor I’d originally created for Mordor: Return to Dejenol. It had the option of also working with dungeons of the original Depths of Dejenol, and was pretty intuitive to use. How much demand there will be for such a thing, I don’t know, but it’s a loose end that I’ve wanted to tie up for a while.

After that, well, who knows? I’m busy doing some writing for… well, I can’t really say just yet, but it’s retro and games related. And I’ve got a growing desire to make an 8-bit exploration platformer of some description, but that’s a deceptively difficult thing to do alone. For the time being I’m taking it one step at a time. Let’s see how the future flows!

This puts the last piece of the great Millenipede 1.2.0 puzzle into place! For everyone who is interested in it, you’re now able to get the source code along with the extra required BlitzMax modules from the Millenipede homepage. There isn’t a comprehensive guide to compiling the game yourself right now, but I will try to add one at some stage in the future.

Happy coding!

World of Warcraft‘s second expansion – Wrath of the Lich King – is out!

The servers are trembling with fear as legions of Death Knights start tromping around the Eastern Plaguelands and boats from Stormwind and Menethil groan under the weight of thousands of adventurers heading out to the new continent, Northrend. The Horde’s zeppelins are loading up, too, though not quite so heavily here on Terenas-EU.

Yes, I’ll admit, I’m one of them…

Next stop - Northrend!

Next stop - Northrend! Stormwind disappears into the distance as the Kraken leaves dock for the icy north

Good grief, it sure is chocka out there! There’s nothing quite like the first day of a major new MMO episode. The “buzz” is palpable – everyone’s excited about doing new stuff, finding new shiny loot and exploring cool new places. Literally. It gets cold in Northrend… damn cold :P

There are a few who are frustrated, or who just downright enjoy making trollish comments, but that’s to be expected. And truth be told the atmosphere just wouldn’t be the same without them. Getting to level 80 is going to be a fun ride, I think :)

Yes, I’ll admit that’s probably the worst post title yet to grace this blog. :mrgreen:

In case there are any RSS subscribers out there, this post is to let you know that I’ve just added the Intel Mac download for Millenipede 1.2.0, so be sure to go and grab your copy now! Enjoy!

08/11/08 EDIT: Whoops! A repackaged Mac .dmg is now available which should fix a problem with the FMod dylib file and enable the game to run. :oops:

There are still a couple of things missing after Saturday’s initial Windows release of Millenipede, and this quick post is just to say that I haven’t forgotten about putting up a Mac version. Indeed, it’s being worked on even as I write this :) Rest assured that unlike version 1.1.1 (which never got a Mac port), you shouldn’t have to wait too long to get your hands on 1.2.0. EDIT: The Mac version is now available! As usual, get it straight from the Millenipede homepage.

Source code is on the way too, but it relies on fixing a last minute glitch that’s causing the Mac delay in the first place. Ho hum :cry:

Thanks to all who have posted feedback so far in the various places I’ve blatantly spammed about the new version – it makes it all worthwhile :)

Millenipede v1.2.0 is now available!

It’s been ages since the last major new version of Millenipede but now you don’t have to wait any longer – version 1.2.0 for Windows is now available! Yippee!

After all this time, what is there to make a fuss about? Well – first and foremost, there are now online highscores (known more grandly as the World Leaderboard) so you can compare your scores with Millenipede players everywhere. It’s limited to the all-time top 100 scores right now but I have a couple ideas for improving that side of things in the future.

There’s also a selection of rockin’ powerups which the teaser video earlier in the week showed off, including missile volleys, smartbombs and railblasts – all of which can be devastatingly effective if used correctly!

To give things a final spit and polish, there have been many other refinements to give higher scores, smoother gameplay and more varied visuals. Blasting evil space insects has never been so much fun!

I hope you all enjoy the new version. I’ll be waiting for your scores ;)

Site update in progress. Don’t panic!