Seriously, deep down inside, you did. Didn’t you? Yes, of course you did.

No new version of Millenipede today, folks :( Sorry! After having had a fairly rotten week of computer-related turmoil, time was against me even more than usual. In the spirit of typical developer-speak, though, I can assure you that this delay will only improve the final result! Look for a revised release date some time over the weekend.

If I’m to finish my goals for August, there’s also some keyboard-wrangling to be done in getting Zolyx’s first proper article together… crumbs, the work never ends, does it?

This wasn’t how I especially planned for it to work…

The "bug" here, obviously, is that there weren't enough missiles to wipe out the left half of the screen...

The "bug" here, obviously, is that there weren't enough missiles to wipe out the left half of the screen...

Poor ol’ millenipedes, eh? Serves ‘em right for making bugs in mah program! Told you not to touch that darn thing…

Oh yes, which reminds me, apparently Team Fortress 2 has gotten a new achievement pack – if it’s not live by now then it should be very soon. What with my PC being a mass of largely disconnected cables and limited software at the minute, I haven’t been able to check on Steam to be sure. Heavies are the ones to benefit – read the official Steam blurb then be sure to use your Sandvich for the win!

Things are kinda-sorta on track but some technical complications have put me on the back foot.

Remember those OCZ solid-state hard drives I mentioned a while back? Well, I decided to splash out on a 64GB version as a birthday present for myself. Unfortunately, getting it set up and working is turning out to be less straightforward than I expected :(

Hopefully the nice people at OCZ tech support can point me in the right direction, else I really will end up tearing my hair out (especially with Millenipede’s release date being just days away)…

As if one watched game update wasn’t enough, here’s another!

Blizzard have unveiled the cinematic trailer for the upcoming expansion to World of Warcraft. And, as usual, it’s got all their trademark flair… ;)

Go watch it now!

I try not to take too much notice of reviews, but it does appear that Chris Taylor and his mates at Gas Powered Games haven’t really hit the mark with their foray into sci-fi. Space Siege, the newest addition to the Siege series, has garnered a mixed reception amongst the gaming press after being released, and personally I’m distinctly underwhelmed with the final feature list.

Space Siege screenshot

Sure, the graphics are kinda shiny, but that alone isn't enough for an action RPG to make the grade

Until I play the demo over the weekend I won’t say much more; I really do want to like this game because the potential of a Dungeon Siege in space is massive.

Ooooh! What’s this, then?

Millenipede v1.2.0 Mac test screenshot - main menu

Millenipede v1.2.0 Mac test screenshot - ingame

With massive thanks to Josh, here’s proof that Millenipede 1.2.0 will be alive and well, including MOD music support, on Macs everywhere from the 29th! :) You wouldn’t believe the struggle it’s been to make this happen…

As for the mysterious main menu option which has been enigmatically obscured, don’t spend too long thinking about what it could be as there may not be enough time to make it fully exist :P

After a fairly busy evening of emails to my Mac-packaging partner in crime, I’m happy to report that the omens for a simultaneous PC and Mac launch of Millenipede v1.2.0 are very good indeed :) Woohoo!

And no, I didn’t forget about posting a new teaser image… but it takes a very specialised mind to be interested in an options screen which looks almost exactly like the way it did before :P In other words, I’ve been doing stuff which isn’t very good screenshot fodder. But if the new version is to be done in a whisker over two weeks’ time, there’s sure to be plenty of intriguing new media in between!

Haven’t had a games round-up lately, so let’s see what shinies catch my eye over the past week.

Huzzah! Fans of The Underside rejoice! A new gameplay trailer was released today (see below). *drool*

No self-respecting fan of remakes could possibly ignore Urban Interactive‘s new rendition of 3D Starstrike. Anyone who enjoyed the original will surely be blown away with the snazzy graphics, creative audio and huge amount of polish. Personally I’ve never been one for rail shooters like this but I’d still give two thumbs up for sheer effort.

Atum, Slithens and Ratoney go about saving the world in Ghost of Aliens

Atum, Slithens and Ratoney go forth to save the world of Appalathia in Ghost of Aliens

In the world of RPGs we find Ghosts of Aliens into which the author has poured six months of toil. I’ve not had chance to play through this yet, but it’s one I’ll be checking over the weekend if I have time. Hey, it has a character in it called Slithens, a “British snake” – crack on, sir! The world needs more games with Brits in them ;) The full info and download link are over at this Gaming World Forums post.

And to round things off – well, it’s great when developers come up with short, catchy names for their projects. Arrogancy Games have got it spot on, and are soon to release their XNA title An Awesome Game Where You Shoot Stuff and it Blows Up and Then You Win the Game – The Game, or otherwise known as the much easier to pronounce AAGWYSSAIBUATYWTG. If you’re interested then why not watch An Awesome Video Where You See How the Game Looks and Plays Before it is Available and Then You Want to Buy the Game – The Video? It’s right here! :D