NCSoft announced today that they’d be immortalising video gamers by launching a so-called “Immortality Drive”, a time capsule containing the digitised DNA of selected Tabula Rasa players – along with copies of their in-game characters.

To make the project slightly less geeky, the capsule will also contain some of “humanity’s greatest achievements”. NCSoft are inviting everyone to put their thoughts forward on what to include, so if you want to get involved with the discussion, take a trip to the Operation Immortality homepage and start having your say.

I’m not quite sure what to think about this… it’s certainly a unique idea but somehow it smacks of “gimmick” to me :-?

Strangely enough… no!

SSD – that is, Solid State Drives – will be the next big computing revolution, I think. For many years you’ve probably gotten used to having a handy USB storage stick that you can carry your documents around on – but there’s slowly been a turn towards using larger amounts of flash storage to replace traditional hard disks.

One of the more recent offerings in this market is the Core series from OCZ, a company that’s earned a name for themselves in providing high-end RAM favoured by overclocking enthusiasts. Despite only learning about it from a friend in work today, I’m really very tempted to buy one after checking out some of the benchmarking tests and reviews..

Take a gander at this:

The long and short of it seems to be that this new drive blows conventional hard disks right out of the water in most circumstances. Plus they’re completely silent! It’d be great not to have to suffer the noise that comes out of my current Raptor drive. Time to get saving, I reckon!

Finally managed to get my hunter, Mirranda, to level 70 in World of Warcraft :) Woohoo! Next target, if I get chance before Wrath of the Lich King comes out, will be a druid.

Have to say that I’m starting to prefer playing hunter over my mage any day of the week. Less downtime is especially nice, and having a pet makes soloing things that much easier and quicker :)

From here it’s time to finish up the quests in Nagrand, then hit Blade’s Edge Mountains, Netherstorm and Shadowmoon Valley with a healthy dash of instances in between. Just 4000 gold to an epic flying mount… *groan* :P

And in case you were even vaguely interested, the server I play on is Terenas. Look me up if you’re bored!

The WordPress upgrade went smoothly, but it’s left a few rough edges on the template which I’ll have to fix (probably next weekend). Specifically, the CSS styles for image captions are missing so they look a bit rough :) Posts will probably be a bit light on images in the meantime, so no more marmots for now…

There are a couple of recent releases that caught my eye. The first is Destructivator from Pug Fugly Games, a platform shooter game with a ridiculously simple but quite addictive concept: kill all the bad guys on each screen to continue to the next. Several applications of retro polish to the sound and graphics were obviously added with plenty of elbow grease to boot.

Although I tend not to pay much attention to Flash games (despite recent evidence to the contrary!), worth a mention is an Incredible Machine-style construction puzzler going by the name of Fantastic Contraption. With only 5 components your job is to get the pink wheel into the exit zone using physics and the power of your brain. Quite addictive, but be ready to turn the music off after a few loops ;)

Lastly amongst this slew of recent indie releases is Stick Ranger (“Four stickman of adventure!”) from DAN-BALL, the same crazy developer that brought us the fascinating java particle toy Powder Game. Stickmen with RPG elements? Count me in for a bit of that! Unfortunately this early alpha version doesn’t save, but that’s no major barrier to the fun…

Til next time. Please don’t have nightmares!

I did get the latest Millenipede teaser ready yesterday, but after receiving literally some emails relating to the 1.2 beta I got entirely sidetracked and forgot to post it :)

So here it is:

Millenipede 1.2.0 - weird icons, weird shrooms... whoa. Weird!

Mmmmm. Nice pixels 8-) But I wonder what those strange icons that have appeared on the status bar mean? And how on earth did some crazy person manage to get a highscore of 995,000 points?? No, wait, that’s just a crazy side effect of some debugging… :-D

…because Retro Remakes have just announced that there’s going to be an official RR 2008 Competition later this year! Excellent news, as there’s always a healthy list of entries, and the prizes are sure to be an incentive (though personally I don’t care about that as I wouldn’t know how to use half of them!). This year I might even have a go myself – damned if I know what with, but there’s still plenty of time to get the old thinking cap in place. :lol:

The first work-in-progress beta of Millenipede 1.2 will be going out to a select few testers either tomorrow or Friday. Recent progress over the past few days has been very good – I was going to post another teaser screenshot tonight but sadly I’m a bit short on time, so tomorrow will have to do instead.

Elsewhere, Flagship Studios announced via their homepage for Mythos that they were still operating, but they confirmed that there have indeed been job losses. Also, WordPress released version 2.6 yesterday – I’ve been looking forward to that after hearing it has Google Gears support (faster admin access, hurrah!). Anything that makes life easier is fine by me :)

The well-oiled coding machine that is Tarn Adams and Bay 12 Games have released a major update to Dwarf Fortress, the most detailed ASCII game in existence anywhere in the world. Yay! :-D

Dwarf Fortress as seen through 3Dwarf VisualiserWhat’s new? Erm, well now, where to start… that’s a tricky question when you’ve got a five month list of tweaks, bugfixes and new features to read through. The official aim for this release was to add “world gen army arc stuff”. This means that the worlds you generate will have a bloody history of humans fighting elves, elves fighting goblins and goblins fighting humans. And everyone fighting kobolds. It’s safe to say that as with any significant new version of DF, you’re guaranteed a treat; if you want to be spoiled, head over to this development log and enjoy the show. Otherwise, stop twiddling your thumbs and grab the game now from one of these mirrors: [1] [2] [3] [4]

NOTE! This very first release of the new DF has some teething problems – amongst them, if you play in fortress mode, your dwarves won’t wake up after falling asleep. Eek! An evil spell cast by a wicked witch, perhaps? In any case, knowing how fast Tarn works I doubt this (and the other first-day bugs) will be around for very long.

Onwards! For great dwarfy justice!

Oh yes, and many thanks to Maurice of for being the first to get the Marmot Awareness Campaign rolling! Who will be next? 8-)

Not blind, just drunk. :lol:

Perhaps it was Sergei Shmolik’s first big match and he’d had a few to calm the nerves beforehand…

Oh dear. Someone give the poor fellow another drink!

(Source: BBC News)