YES! The world celebrates as Diablo III is confirmed!

Update: you can now visit www.diablo3.com for the full lowdown.

Yes, I know there seems to be an unending amount of Blizzard coverage going on lately, but as a fan of several of their titles I’m quite excited to see what happens this weekend. They’ve got a fairly packed schedule of events – but no mention of announcing a new title, which is what everyone seems to think they’ll be doing :) Stay tuned!

Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2008

During my daily browse of TIGSource I stumbled across this mention of an altogether quite fabtastic game – Teeworlds! It’s a funky 2D multiplayer game in the style of Soldat, and I’d never heard of it before today. Check out the gameplay:

There are plenty of net-games running all the time – you can choose from racing, capture the flag or just plain deathmatch. As with pretty much any game of this style, though, you need some ridiculously fast reflexes to be any good at it. The cuteness immediately put me in mind of a multiplayer version of Fury of the Furries, the old Amiga classic, which can only be a good thing. Yes, grappling hooks are included! 8-)

Hardcore players might be put off by the lack of gore. Personally I find it refreshing – there’s too much blood and guts around these days, and Teeworlds‘ cartoony variation fits really well. The visuals are smooth and don’t require a super-modern PC, and on the audio side, the oddball characters make suitably squeaky cheers of joy and sighs of disappointment as they scurry around blasting anything that moves with lasers, shotguns and grenade launchers. Or just hitting them on the head with a bloody great hammer… :mrgreen:

Definitely worth checking out if you’re a fan of platform jump-run-shoot stuff!

Ha! Forget all of Blizzard‘s recent propaganda. I have a teaser image of my own to post! Check this out:

Millenipede v1.2.0 Options screen teaser

Yes, it’s the rather unremarkable options menu of Millenipede 1.2. Nothing particularly groundbreaking there, it seems. But hang about – what on earth could the strange mysterious option be?! Answers on a postcard, please…

Okay, if you’re not a Diablo fan, you might want to skip this post as it’ll probably not mean much to you. Otherwise… well, speculate away:

Blizzard\'s \

This image got added as a splash page to www.blizzard.com, and indeed all the other Blizzard project websites, earlier today. As you might expect, the internet has exploded into rumours. The phrase “Hell has frozen over” was used on one previous occasion in Diablo history – are we seeing it again as a precursor to a proper Diablo 3 announcement later this week? Is the image something to do with the World Crystal, destroyed at the end of Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction?

Only time will tell. Keep your eyes peeled for the next teaser – I know I will be!

Apart from doing things to the site and generally relaxing, I’ve occasionally been doing the odd coding splurge on Millenipede. There’s definitely nothing like a bit of splurging when the feeling takes you :)

Millenipede - a new, improved mushroom!Although version 1.2.0 is still some weeks away (I’m gunning for a release in July or August), it should be a worthwhile wait. I don’t want to spill too many beans at this stage but it’s safe to say that it’ll be a very big update. Every area is getting some attention, be it new or tweaked music and sound effects, graphics, and of course, gameplay. The action will remain as fast-paced as ever, but the whole thing will be more refined, polished and varied.

There’ll be some more specific hints at new stuff over the coming month. But for now, be alert. Your country needs lerts!

After today’s update by Valve, The second character class in Team Fortress 2 to get its achievement pack and unlockable weapons added is the Pyro, and chaos broke out in spectacular style on the Jolt.co.uk servers earlier tonight…

TF2 Pyro tauntTF2 Pyro zergage!TF2 Pyro motion blur

Seeing almost an entire team of Pyros zerging across the bridge in 2fort is really quite a scary sight. Especially if you happen to be on the other team. Best hope your medic knows what he’s doing, eh? Can’t wait to unlock the improved version of the flamethrower! :D

Feel free to come join in the action – for this weekend only you can play TF2 for free! I usually do my fighting on “jolt.co.uk – (03) 2fort 24/7″ – or IP address, if you prefer. Just look for the madman going by the name of Prospero and be sure to say hi!

Basilisk Games recently announced the second part of their Eschalon RPG series, and are running a Q&A that will be updated every week. Definitely worth checking out if you’re into traditional tile-based adventures like Ultima.

Judging by a recent post on the Bit Blot blog, fans of Aquaria will soon be able to buy an official soundtrack split across 2 CDs. Alec suggests there may be a few extended mixes along with some entirely new bonus tracks, which is great news.

Enjoy fleeing from inescapable doom? If so, you’ll be glad to hear that Pixeljam have added a selection of new hats to put on your almost-but-not-quite extinct protagonist of Dino Run. Yes, it’s entirely bizarre, but also very good fun :)