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The story so far

Once upon a time there was a hobby-coder website called Firestorm Productions that specialised in developing simple but fun retro games for the PC. It was an entirely unremarkable site, much like this one, but it ended up being the source of two games that are “kind of a big deal” – Poing! PC in 2002, and Millenipede in 2007.

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It also attracted some small attention for its attempt to remake an old RPG called Mordor: The Depths of Dejenol. That project went on for quite a number of years, but the scale of the task eventually became too great and so it was scrapped. Also during that time, another remake project was underway called Oil’s Well Redrilled and although it reached an alpha stage, it never got much further due to coding and artwork complications.

Aside from game development, the Firestorm site also provided news of varying degrees of freshness, mostly to highlight other interesting retro and indie games for its visitors. It sometimes even managed to do so within a month of other sites doing the same!

So the days rolled by and not much else happened. It was time for a change. A new direction. Something completely the same, in fact, except under a different name!

What is zolyx.co.uk?

Unlike its predecessor, zolyx.co.uk is first and foremost a personal blog site where the author (some dodgy geezer called Chris) is free to post about whatever he likes, whenever he likes. It’s not tied to the purpose of purely reporting on his own hobby-coding efforts, and so can contain other more random things. Of course, his projects will still get a mention now and then if any work happens to be done on them.

Zolyx 64 pixel avatarIts theme remains firmly on the indie and retro gaming scene, though it probably has more commercial, console and online stuff mentioned than before. Just have a browse around, and who knows what you might find to amuse or entertain…


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